Initiation Curriculum Lesson 6

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At the beginning of the meeting, administer QUIZ 5 to the initiates. As with the previous quizzes, have several Brothers on hand to grade these and return before the end of the meeting.

Initiates will be sharing their personal statements from the suggested activity. This meeting should be a review session and end of program wrap-up. This should also be a time for the Initiate Advisor to speak to the initiates on any last minute requirements that need to be attended to before final vote. You may also want to cover additional material not presented in depth yet.

At some point at the end of the week, you can administer the final exam. The National Constitution requires that all initiates must pass the examination with 80% accuracy. If an initiate should fail to reach that mark, the chapter may (at its discretion) chose to offer a make-up examination to the initiate. There are not restrictions on the number of times an initiate may take the examination, only that he/she must achieve a minimum passing score before being considered for membership.

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