Kristen Zimmer

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Kristen Zimmer
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Kristen with Letters
Name Kristen Zimmer
Chapter Beta Eta
Lock Haven University
Date Inducted Spring 2012
Roll Number
Alumni Chapter/Assoc
Honorary Member
Major Elementary Education K-6
Birthdate March 9, 1991
Spouse Kurtis Page
Nicknames Kris, Zimmer
Awards Initiate Leadership Award

Kristen Zimmer is an Collegiate Member of Beta Eta Chapter at Lock Haven University.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Kristen initiated in Spring 2012 with the Alpha Xi class. She won the Initiate Leadership Award which is a great honor as an initiate. Kristen was president of her initiating class. The Alpha Xi class was recognized by Nationals for their service event of raising around $1000 for a local young girl with Rhetts Syndrome.

Collegiate Years at Beta Eta Chapter

Kristen currently serves on the Social Committee.

Alumni Years to Present

National Involvement

Bigs and Littles

Kristen's Big Brother is Natashja Udzella, and is a member of the Tiger family.

Kristen has one little, Stephanie Murray.

Further Resources

Other Interesting Facts

  • Senior at Lock Haven University
  • Engaged currently and getting married June 8, 2013
  • Hometown is Canton, PA
  • Possible Occupations: Elementary Teacher
  • Loves chicken pasta
  • Loves scary/horror movies
  • Favorite show currently is the Walking Dead

Status: Active