List of Tau Chapter Todd Scholarship Winners

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The following individuals have won the Richard C. Todd and Clauda Pennock Todd Leadership Scholarship. For a complete listing of award winners and descriptions, see List of Tau Chapter Awards.

The Richard Cecil and Clauda Pennock Todd Scholarship was established in 1969. It was the wishes of the Todds at the time to start a scholarship to recognize leadership. Over the years, the recipients of the scholarship have increased from one person in 1969 to all Officers today.

Todd Scholarship
Year Name
1998 C. Michelle Stone
1999 Patti Dean
2000 Kimberly Bouldin
2001 Sean Hatfield
2002 Krista Wilhelm
2003 Moo Sultan
2004 Brittany Bodart
2005 Angel Warren
2006 Karen Ancutta (Hester)
2007 Christy Andux

Nicolas Castillo

2008 Ava Tillotson
2009 Savanna Locklear

Heather Blumenfeld

2010 Chelsea Spalding

Blair Lindler

2011 Christopher A. Crout