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Scholarship and Service In Philadelphia, SSIP, was the former name of the East Region Conference. There were three SSIP conferences from 2003-2005. The conference name intentionally did not reference the word social to highlight the two other legs of the tripod, Scholarship and Leadership (service). The conferences were held in Philadelphia due to all the chapters but Alpha Iota at the time being in or near the city. With the reactivation of Alpha Theta and two East Region chapters in northern New Jersey the conferences started moving beyond the city.

Previous Conferences

SSIP Conference service event with Ronald McDonald House.
  • SSIP: 2003 in Philadelphia
Service event was at the Ronald McDonald House, and can tabs were also collected for the Ronald McDonald's House.
  • SSIP: Nov. 2004 in Philadelphia
Events: First Friday, Dinner, VA-Bingo, Scavenger Hunt, Can collection at Regional Games
  • SSIP: Nov. 2005 in Philadelphia
Events: First Friday, Dinner, Cobbs Creek Service event, Regional Games, and BodyWorlds Exhibit-Scholarship event