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The Sanctions Appeal Board (SAB) was established by the 2006 Grand Chapter, through an amendment to the National Operating Policies, to create an unbiased body to hear these appeals. Prior to the SAB, Chapters or Members had the ability to appeal a disciplinary decision made by the National Council; however, the authorized body to hear all appeals was the National Council, so they had to appeal to the same body that passed judgment initially.

Sanctions Appeal Board Members

The Sanctions Appeal Board is a board of three Members made up of one past National Council member, one Alumni Member and one Undergraduate Member. The Alumni and Undergraduate Member are each randomly chosen from a pool of five members in each respective category. Undergraduate Members on the Sanction Appeal Board must only have been an undergraduate at the time of elections, and may still serve in that role for the duration of their term even if they gain Alumni Membership status.


The Sanctions Appeal Board is elected every two years at the start of each new National Council Term. The Grand Chapter elects up to five Alumni and Undergraduate Members each to serve in their respective pools. The National Council selects a past National Council Member to serve in that role.


The Sanctions Appeal Board's purpose is to hear appeals made by Members or Chapters who have been disciplined by the National Council. Previously a disciplined Member of Chapters only route of appeal was to appeal back to the National Council prior to being able to appeal to the Grand Chapter. They then are responsible for passing onto the Grand Chapter a recommended course of action pertaining the the appeal.

2012-2014 Sanction Appeal Board

Former National Council Representative

Alumni Representatives

Undergraduate Representatives