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If an oral Nicotine is preferred, there are tablets and lozenges Smoke Deter which are absorbed directly through the lining of the mouth. A 12 week course in lozenges will cost about $650. Tablets are recommended for a course of three to six months. For three months, at low consumption pay about $420 to $650; for large consumers expect about $950 to $1250. For a six month course, at the maximum recommended dosage your bank account will be roughly $4000 lighter.Finally, if you're willing to take a trip to see your doctor, then there's bupropion, often sold under the brand name of Zyban. This does not contain nicotine and you'll need a prescription for it, plus a minimum of two doctor's visits. It is designed to quell nicotine cravings and costs (at Feb 2009) $34.14 on the pharmaceutical benefits scheme (PBS), $6.24 for concession holders, or about $450.00 for a private prescription for a 12 week course.

If this all sounds too costly and too time consuming, don't despair. There's a system that's been around for 10 years that a lot of people have had success with. It uses advanced hypnotherapy along with neuro linguistic programming (NLP) and includes various back-up materials to support ongoing success. The system is available at Quikchange Clinic on the Gold Coast and is called Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes. It has a 95.6% success rate. It removes the desire for cigarettes in one 60 minute session. They charge $495 and offer a lifetime guarantee.

Each smoker is confronted with the question of when he will say no to smoking. Although a lot of smokers are hopeful that they will say goodbye to this regular habit someday, many of them are not sure how. There is a great deal of anecdotal evidence out there showing that thousands of smokers were able to get rid of this plague in a matter of days and stayed away from it thereon. But then, why cant every smoker find an easy way to stop smoking? The answer is very simple. With a proper attitude and a positive mindset, you can discard your long-term habit just overnight.