Whitney Marks

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Whitney Marks
Name Whitney Marks
Chapter Alpha Zeta
York College of PA
Date Inducted April 2009
Roll Number 527
Alumni Chapter/Assoc DVAC
Honorary Member
Major Sport Management (concentration: Special Education)
Awards LIA, York College Student Scholar, Senior Honor Society, Who's Who in American Colleges/Universities

Whitney Marks is an Alumni Member of the Alpha Zeta Chapter (Chapter roll #527) at York College of Pennsylvania {http://www.ycp.edu}. Whitney is certified in Leadership in Action and has facilitated local modules at three chapters.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Whitney rushed Phi Sigma Pi in the spring of her freshman year at York College with the initiate class Alpha Omicron. She became a member of the G-Unit Family, also known as the best family! Whitney's big gave her the initiate name of 'Lil Ninja Strike' at induction.

Collegiate Years at Sample Chapter

During her time as an active Brother of Alpha Zeta, Whitney served two different Executive Board positions for three terms. After being an active Brother for a semester, Whitney was elected to the position of Historian for the remainder of the 2009-2010 school year.

After enjoying her time as the Historian, Whitney decided that she wanted a position that would challenge her - one that was extremely involved in all aspects of the organization. With that idea in mind, Whitney ran for and was elected to the Vice President position for the 2010-2011 school year.

Knowing that Whitney's second semester of her senior year could take her anywhere for an internship to graduate, she chose not to run for the position she truly wanted: President. Still wanting to be involved with the Executive Board for the fall semester, Whitney was elected to her old position of Historian.

Alumni Years to Present

In Whitney's first year of being an alumni, she has become the Alumni Advisor for Alpha Zeta. Whitney is also looking forward to getting more involved with DVAC.

National Involvement

  • National Development Committee - 2012
  • National Convention (Washington, DC) - 2011

Family Line - G-Unit

When Whitney rushed and became part of family G-Unit, she was only the 4th member currently active. Since then, Whitney knew she wanted to expand her family. Family G-Unit has since become the largest family in the chapter. During the 2010-2011 school year, family G-Unit (including the cousin line) made up half of the Executive Board.

  • 4Gbig - Jen Kurzmiller
  • 3Gbig - Sylvia Kumi
  • GGbig - Felicia Yothers
  • Gbig - Amanda Jones
  • Big - Erika Conaway
  • Little 1 - Theo Fogleman
    • Gbaby 1 - Amanda Fanizza
      • GGbaby 1 - Megan Cline
        • 3Gbaby 1 - Sarah Manmiller
          • 4Gbaby - Emilia Pedersoli
        • 3Gbaby 2 - Gabby Pentrancuri
    • Gbaby 3 - Lucas Weems
  • Little 2 - Rebecca Jardines
    • Gbaby 2 - Katie Warg
      • GGbaby 2 - Jenny Napierskie
    • Gbaby 4 - Erica Stackhouse
  • Little 3 - Corey McCluskey (Adopted)
    • Gbaby 5 - Jenna Mardini

Whitney's family at her Big/Little Ceremony

  • Alpha Omicron Big/Little '09

Whitney's family at her last Induction as an active Brother

  • Alpha Phi Induction '12

Needless to say... Whitney's little family is not so little anymore.