2003 Alpha Lambda Chapter Officers

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President Krista Eby
Vice President Erik "Duff" Walschburger
Secretary Ashlee Janiszewski
Treasurer Audrey Kok
Historian Matthew Weber
Parliamentarian Shannon Brophy
Co-Initiate Advisor1 Andrea Kok
(served full year term)

Patrick Erdman, Fall 2003
(elected to fill vacancy)

Martha Johnson, Spring 2003
(resigned due to graduation)
Co-Initiate Chair2 Matthew Cowher, Fall 2003

Damien Butts, Spring 2003

2003 Alpha Lambda Chapter Officers
Preceded By
2002 Alpha Lambda Chapter Officers
Succeeded By
2004 Alpha Lambda Chapter Officers


1 The chapter elected to make the Initiate Advisor position a co-chaired position for the 2003 year. Andrea Kok served as Co-Initiate Advisor for the full year with a different Co-Initiate Advisor each semester.
2 The term of office for the Co-Initiate Chair position is for one semester. A member of the most recently inducted class is elected to this position.