Erik Walschburger

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Erik Walschburger
Name Erik Walschburger
Chapter Alpha Lambda
Temple University
Date Inducted Fall, 2001
Roll Number ΑΛ 324
Alumni Chapter/Assoc DVAC
Honorary Member
Major Broadcasting, Telecommunications & Mass Media
Birthdate January 21, 1983
Spouse NA
Nicknames Duff, Big Duff
Awards ΑΛ Chapter Service Key, Richard Cecil Todd & Clauda Pennock Todd Tripod Scholarship, Margaret & Michael Noll Tripod Scholarship, Gregory T. Armstrong Founders Award Scholarship

Erik "Duff" Walschburger (born 21 January 1983) is an Alumnus of Alpha Lambda Chapter (ΑΛ 324) at Temple University. Duff served as Vice President of Chapter Development from 2005 to 2008, Senior Vice President from 2012 to 2018, and is currently serving as National President. Duff was awarded the Todd Tripod Scholarship in 2005.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Duff attended Temple University upon graduation from high school, beginning in the fall of 2001. As a bored first semester freshman, Duff saw a poster advertising an informational night for Phi Sigma Pi and decided to attend the meeting. At the meeting, Duff found out the requirements for being inducted were a 3.0 GPA and one semester of credit (at Temple, this was 12 credit hours). As a first semester freshman with exactly 12 A.P. credits transferred to Temple, the chapter was unsure whether he was eligible for membership. They invited him to attend the rest of the activities for rush week and told him they would let him know if he was eligible. At different points during the remainder of the week, Duff was told that he was eligible as well as ineligible to join Phi Sigma Pi during the current semester. However, at the end of rush week, Duff was informed that the chapter was extending a bid to him. Duff joined the Psi initiate class and was inducted at the end of the fall 2001 semester.

Collegiate Years at Alpha Lambda

Because Alpha Lambda Chapter elects chapter officers to a calendar year term, Duff ran and was elected as Co-Historian (for 2002) immediately following his induction. Following the spring 2002 semester, Duff’s Co-Historian (who also happened to be his Big Brother) stepped down as Co-Historian to become the Initiate Advisor, thus leaving Duff to finish the term as Historian. At the end of the fall 2002 semester, Duff was elected to serve as Vice President. He was an alternate for the 2003 Grand Chapter Conference held at Villanova University. Duff was elected to President for the 2004 calendar year. He was the Grand Chapter Delegate for the 2004 Grand Chapter Conference, and as an alternate for the 2005 Grand Chapter Conference

Duff also served as several committee chairs while an Active brother of Alpha Lambda. He served as the chair of the Service Committee, InterChapter Relations Committee, as well as the Bylaw Committee.

The Alpha Lambda Chapter awarded Duff with a Chapter Service Key at the chapters 2006 Founder's Day Banquet.

Alumni Years to Present

Upon graduating from Temple University in 2005, Duff began law school at Widener University School of Law. He graduated from Widener University in 2009 and passed the Pennsylvania Bar exam the same year. Duff started working at the Chester County (PA) Office of the District Attorney as an Assistant District Attorney. As an ADA, Duff specializes in the various Treatment Courts available in Chester County as well as supervising the office's interns.

Duff has been active with Phi Sigma Pi after becoming an alumnus by joining the Delaware Valley Alumni Chapter. He has served several years on National Council and on various National Committees.

National Involvement

Duff's involvement nationally began in 2002, when he first attended National Convention. He has attended the following National Conventions:

He has also attended the following Grand Chapter Conferences:^

^National Convention was held separately from Grand Chapter prior to 2007

Duff has worked on the National Constitution and Chapter Standards Committee and the National Development Committee. In 2004, Duff was selected to serve on the Advisory Board a position he held until he was elected to National Council. In the spring of 2005, Duff was chosen to participate in the SPARK Leadership Academy.

National Council

Duff has served on National Council in the following positions:

During the summer of 2005, Duff was elected as Vice President of Chapter Development in a special election to fill a vacancy. He was re-elected to the same position in 2006. As Vice President of Chapter Development, he chaired the Chapter Development Committee. One of Duff's most important contributions during his term was the creation of the Teach For America Alternative Break Project and the Teach for America Backpack Attack.

In summer of 2012, Duff was elected as Senior Vice President and served in this role for three consecutive terms.

In 2018, Duff was elected as National President, a position he currently holds.

Bigs and Littles

Duff's Big Brother is Christopher Winkler, who is now an Alumnus.

Duff has six Little Brothers:

Interesting Facts

National President
Preceded By
Matthew Nicoletta, Beta Kappa
2018 - present
Succeeded By
Senior Vice President
Preceded By
Chris Costantino, Gamma Xi
2012 - 2018
Succeeded By
Jonathan Moreno, Epsilon Mu

Vice President of Chapter Development
Preceded By
Tammy A. Mleziva, Alpha Epsilon
2005 - 2008
Succeeded By
Kyle Williams, Gamma Delta