Kyle Williams

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Kyle Williams
Name Kyle Williams
Chapter Gamma Delta
University of West Georgia
Date Inducted Spring 2005
Roll Number #171
Alumni Chapter/Assoc
Honorary Member
Major Management information Systems
Birthdate November 26, 1983
Nicknames Big K
Awards Most Involved Alumni Award (Beta Zeta Chapter, Gamma Delta Chapter)

Kyle Williams (born 26 November 1983) is an Alumni Member of Gamma Delta Chapter (ΓΔ 171) at University of West Georgia. From 2006-2008, Kyle was webmaster of the Phi Sigma Pi Nation Interchapter Website (which maintained no official affiliation with the National Fraternity.)

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Kyle Williams enrolled at the University of West Georgia in the Fall of 2004, after receiving his Associates in Business Administration at Andrew College. As a Junior, he was looking to become more involved on the West Georgia Campus when he saw a flyer advertising a Phi Sigma Pi Rush Event. After attending an information night for the Gamma Delta Chapter, Kyle would rush in the Spring of 2005. After completing the Initiation Program, Kyle Inducted in April of 2005 as a member of the Omicron Class of the Gamma Delta Chapter.

Collegiate Years at the Gamma Delta Chapter

Upon induction, Kyle was almost immediately elected as Alumni Chair and took upon the role as webmaster of the Gamma Delta Chapter Website. One of his first roles was to overhaul the Chapter website, adding a Chapter Photo Album to catalog the many Chapter events being held during the year.

Another key accomplishment was the establishment of the Gamma Delta Alumni Picnic which was held in April of 2005. After a period of evaluation of the state of alumni relations within the chapter, a plan was implemented to hold an event which would allow a large number to come back to the University and get to know the current brother hood. As a result, thanks to the efforts of the brothers, over 17 alumni came back to the Gamma Delta Chapter, including Jamie Easoz Painter, one of the chapter's founding members. The event marked one of the highest number of alumni participation in the chapter's history.

Upon his final semester, Kyle would retain his position as webmaster, but was also elected as Regional Committee Delegate. With a plan to invigorate interchapter relations, he would go on to work with the neighboring Beta Zeta Chapter as well as the then colony at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

As a brother, Kyle went on a number of road trips to other chapters. Destinations included Beta Zeta, Epsilon Theta (then a colony,) Tau, and Beta Psi.

Alumni Years to Present

Upon graduation in December of 2006, Kyle would gain employment at the University of Georgia's College of Education. At the University, Kyle would work as an IT Professional Associate, offering technical support to College of Education Faculty and Staff.

As an alumni, Kyle would go on to remain active with the University of Georgia's Beta Zeta Chapter as well as his alma mater, the University of West Georgia's Gamma Delta Chapter. From here, he would also remain relatively active with the newly inducted Epsilon Theta Chapter at the Georgia Institute of Technology. In the Summer of 2007, Kyle would serve as Grand Chapter Delegate at the 2007 National Convention. He would also serve as member of the National Communications and Technology Committee in 2006 until it was disbanded, and the serving on the National Development Committee, chaired by Current President Jonah Goodman.

Member of the National Council

In 2008, Kyle ran for and was elected to the National Council as Vice President of Chapter Development. He would serve in this role from 2008-2012. During this time, Kyle would oversee initiatives such as

  • The Creation of the office of Vice President of Philanthropy Development
  • The creation of the Five Star Regional Conference Program
  • An overall increases of Regional Conference attendance
  • Development of resources that benefited both Regional Development and Regional Conference development

In 2012, Kyle would go on to run for and be elected to the National Council as Vice President of Philanthropy Development

National Involvement


In 2009 Kyle presented an amendment, adopted by the 2009 Grand Chapter Conference that created the office of Vice President of Philanthropy Development on National Council.

Regional Conferences

Keynote/Guest Speaker Appearances

Inter-Chapter and National Event Participation

Bigs and Littles

Kyle's Big Brother is Jesse McAtee

Kyle's littles are:

Further Resources

Other Interesting Facts

  • Kyle currently lives in Athens, GA where he is an IT Professional Associate at the College of Education at the University of Georgia
  • He is currently the tallest of the current National Council Officers at 6'7
  • Kyle was starting center as a Junior and Senior in High School
  • He also holds an Associates Degree from Andrew College, located in Cuthbert, GA.
  • He is also a member of the Atlanta Photographer's Guild. An organization of photographers who regularly meet in the city of Atlanta

Vice President of Philanthropy Development
Preceded By
Katie Peachey
Succeeded By
Patrick Herron, Alpha Epsilon
Vice President of Chapter Development
Preceded By
Erik "DUFF" Walschburger, Alpha Lambda
Succeeded By
David Serafini