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The Northeast Regional Conference (NERC) is the annual regional conference of the Northeast Region.

NERC 2010


NERC, was created as a way of allowing the chapters in the Northeast Region to gather and partake in service, scholarship, and social events, as well as foster bonds between individual brothers in different chapters. The first NERC took place at Delta Alpha on the campus of Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY on April 4-6, 2002. Since then, the site has rotated through the other chapters in the region.

During the 2011-2012 school year, planning took place using Google Plus technology for the first time (previous years had relied on Wiggio) in addition to collaboration with Mercedes Himmons as part of the National 5-star Regional Conference program. This was also the first year that the conference was held at Beta Pi.

Past Conferences

2002: Delta Alpha at Rochester, NY

2003: Beta Nu at Ithaca, NY

2004: Theta at Mansfield, PA

2005: Beta Epsilon at Syracuse, NY

2006: Beta Upsilon at Amherst, MA

2007: Delta Alpha at Rochester, NY

  • (April 13-15, 2007)

2008: Beta Epsilon at Syracuse, NY

NERC, Spring 2008
  • Wizard of Oz (April 4 - 6, 2008)
    • Social event hosted by Delta Mu: Watch the movie The Wizard of Oz, Make bead bracelets, Meet and Greet with Brothers
    • Leadership event hosted by Theta
    • Lunch (pizza) provided by Beta Epsilon
    • Scholarship event hosted by Beta Pi: Visit the Museum of Science and Technology
    • Service event hosted by Theta
    • Social event hosted by Delta Mu: Game Night
    • Breakfast provided by Beta Epsilon
    • Best Practices Roundtable Presentations and Discussion

2009: Epsilon Kappa at Boston, MA

Beta Upsilon at Epsilon Kappa, NERC 2009
  • Attendees: Theta (2), Beta Epsilon (3), Beta Nu (2), Beta Pi (5), Beta Upsilon (12), Epsilon Kappa (30), Ryan DeGuzman
  • Around the World theme (April 17 - 19, 2009)
    • Olympics
    • Collection of cultural children’s books for the YMCA (16 collected)
    • Trip to the Boston Aquarium
    • Breakfast with the Greater Boston Area Alumni Association
    • Scenario-based workshops
    • Icebreakers

2010: Beta Upsilon at Amherst, MA

NERC 2010 attendees


  • Roundtables hosted by Theta
  • Dance



  • Farewell breakfast

2011: Beta Nu at Ithaca, NY

NERC 2011
  • Attendees: Beta Epsilon, Beta Nu, Beta Pi, Beta Upsilon, Epsilon Kappa, Sable Janney,
  • Guest Speaker:Sarah Cantwell, Vice President of Alumni Development
  • NERCelodeon theme (April 8 - 10, 2011)
    • Chapter Introductions
    • Roundtables
    • Legends of the Hidden Temple Games
    • Double Dare Challenge
    • Great Chapter practices presentations
    • Saturday morning Nickelodeon cartoons and card-making for a children's hospital
    • Good Burger Lunch
    • Leadership in Action Module
    • Figure it Out!
    • Are You Afraid of the Dark? Haunted Tour
    • Farewell Breakfast

2012: Beta Pi at Storrs, CT

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  • Itinerary:
    • Chapter Introductions
    • Roundtable Discussions
    • Marauder's Map Photo Scavenger Hunt
    • TFA speaker: Jen Danowitz
    • TFA card-making event
    • Lunch in the Great Hall
    • Speed Meetings
    • Leadership in Action: Juggling Multiple Priorities
    • Triwizard Tournament
    • Presentation by Kyle Williams
    • Chapter Presentations
    • Farewell Breakfast

Regional Delegates

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