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Brothers at the East Region Conference 2008

The East Region Conference (abbreviated ERC) is the East Region's annual conference held each spring semester. It is modeled after similar Phi Sigma Pi Region Conferences. The East Region Conference replaced Scholarship and Service in Philadelphia (SSIP) in 2006, as Phi Sigma Pi focused its efforts moreso in Regional Conferences.


Early History

Scholarship and Service In Philadelphia, SSIP, was the former name of the East Region Conference. There were three SSIP conferences from 2003-2005. The conference name intentionally did not reference the word social to highlight the two other legs of the tripod, Scholarship and Leadership (service). The conferences were held in Philadelphia since it was a convenient meeting place. With the reactivation of Alpha Theta and two East Region chapters in northern New Jersey the conferences started moving beyond the city.

2007 East Region Conference

Hosted by Alpha Iota, Montclair, NJ (April 13 - 15, 2007) This was the first East Region Conference held in New Jersey. Although no official attendance was taken, about 7 to 10 Brothers representing the Alpha Theta Chapter in New Jersey and various chapters in the Philadelphia region were in attendance. This particular conference took advantage of Montclair State University's proximity to New York City, with a NYC Landmark Scavenger Hunt as a scholarship event and attendance at a Times Square Comedy Club as a fellowship event. The Region also planned a multicultural potluck dinner and ice skating event on campus as well.

Due to complications with the New York City Parks Department, the region's planned Central Park clean-up event was canceled.

2008 East Region Conference

Hosted by Alpha Theta, New Brunswick, NJ (April 18 - 20, 2008) Main article: 2008 East Region Conference

2009 East Region Conference

The 2009 East Region Conference was hosted by the Delta Chi Chapter at Lehigh University on February 21st, 2009. The event saw brothers from the Alpha Delta, Alpha Epsilon, Alpha Eta, Alpha Iota, Alpha Lambda, Alpha Theta, Delta Chi, Epsilon Omicron, Epsilon Tau, and Gamma Xi chapters in attendance. The Event featured a dinner at a local restaurant, workshops, roundtables, a talent show and a service event where brothers cleaned up a local residential area.

2010 East Region Conference

The 2010 East Region Conference is being hosted by the Alpha Epsilon Chapter at West Chester University February 26-28, 2010. The Event has a "Legends of the Hidden Tripod" theme based on the old Nickelodeon show "Legends of the Hidden Temple". Brothers will take part in a service event making "snack packs" for the homeless at Sarnelli House in Philadelphia, a spaghetti dinner raising money for Teach for America, roundtable discussions, a scholarship event based on Olmec's steps of knowledge in "Legends of the Hidden Temple", and night socials of Monte Carlo casino games and bowling.

2011 East Region Conference

Host: Epsilon Omicron Chapter at East Stroudsburg University.

2012 East Region Conference

Host: Alpha Theta Chapter at Rutgers University.

2013 East Region Conference

Host: Delta Chi Chapter at Lehigh University. Theme: Nickelodeon

2014 East Region Conference

Host: Epsilon Alpha Chapter at Kutztown University. Theme: Disney ("I'll Make a Bro Out of You")


In recent history, the East Region Conference tried to reflect the Tripod as much as possible through scholarship, leadership (through service), and fellowship programming. A welcome addition to the 2008 East Region Conference was the establishment of discussion roundtables, which served as an opportunity for Brothers to discuss issues and problems in broad topic areas such as scholarship, recruitment, and initiation, so that Chapters can return that information back to their respective Chapters.

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