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Epsilon Alpha Chapter (Founded 12 November 2002) is located at Kutztown University in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. The Chapter was founded by Chapter alumna Sherry Lebo and is a member of the East Region.

Epsilon Alpha Chapter, Spring 2010


History of Epsilon Alpha

Epsilon Alpha Chapter, Founder's Day 2008

Sherry Snell decided to bring a chapter of Phi Sigma Pi to Kutztown University after seeing the impact the Delta Alpha Chapter had on her then boyfriend, now husband, Timothy Lebo. The Epsilon Alpha chapter of Phi Sigma Pi was chartered on November 12, 2002 at Kutztown University by founder Sherry Snell and her charter class. Since that time the chapter has inducted over 100 members into the chapter, and currently hosts 28 active members and over 60 alumni.

Founder's Weekend

Epsilon Alpha Chapter, Best in Region Award

EA celebrates it's Founders Day, the third weekend of November every year. It is a great time where Alumni can come back and share the history of the chapter and meet all of the new brothers.

National Awards

Epsilon Alpha Chapter receiving their Claude A. Phillips Fellowship Award at the 2011 National Convention.

Brother of the Month

Every month the Brotherhood selects a Brother who has show outstanding dedication to the fraternity during the month. They are given the award for being Brother of the Month!

Fall 2009

  • November 2009- Amy Smith
  • October 2009- Emily Belden
  • September 2009- Tessa Linder

Spring 2009

  • April 2009- Katie Pursell
  • March 2009- Nick Christy
  • February 2009- Ross Verbich

Fall 2008

  • November 2008-
  • October 2008-
  • September 2008-


Chapter Officers

Eboard, Fall 2012

Chapter Committee Heads

Ecouncil, Fall 2012

Chapter Presidents


Active Brothers

The Active Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi currently consists of 36 dedicated Brothers. Each Brother brings a new and interesting perspective to Phi Sigma Pi, and Epsilon Alpha is very lucky to have such a wonderful and diverse Brotherhood. The Epsilon Alpha Chapter is also very anxiously awaiting to induct our Pi class.

Swing Life Away With PSP, Fall 2010
Epsilon Alpha Formal, Spring 2010

Inactive Brothers

There is currently 8 Inactive Brother. Although recently these Brothers might not be able to participate in our Chapter's happenings, they will always be an influential part in our Chapter!

PSP Goes to Prague!


The Epsilon Alpha Chapter has 95 alumni. Their enormous dedication and influence throughout the lifetime of our chapter has made us who we are today; A strong Brotherhood that can rise to meet any challenge.

Epsilon Alpha Chapter, 2003
Epsilon Alpha Chapter
Epsilon Alpha Chapter

Initiate Classes

Epsilon Alpha Chapter,Omicron Class Induction, Spring 2010

Epsilon Alpha Families

Chapter Committees & Events

Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee's duty is to provide activities for Brothers where they can learn something new. These things can range from serious matters to fun and silly activities. Another part of the Scholarship Committee is to present Brother of the Month and End of the Semester Awards. Brother of the Month is a way to honor the outstanding Brothers in the EA Chapter who go the extra mile and give 200%. The End of the Semester Awards recap the many accomplishments of individual Brothers throughout the semester.

Service Committee

Alumni Committee

The Alumni Committee's duty is to keep communication with the Alumni, as well as prepare for a fond farewell for the graduates every semester. The Alumni Committee is also in charge of our Annual Alumni Christmas Party. The Alumni Committe is currently working on getting the Brother's who are graduating gifts that will always remind them of Phi Sigma Pi. We are also working on new ways to keep in contant with the Alumni and to try and get them more involved. One idea we are working on is starting an Alumni Pen-Pal. This way Alumni can still feel connected to the chapter and get to know new Brothers.

Social Committee

The Social Committee is all about strengthening the ties within the Brotherhood. My goal, as Social Committee head, is to provide the Brotherhood with a variety of fun and inexpensive events. Hopefully, these fun events will allieviate some stresses a typical college student may go through. Examples of our events include monthly Birthday Night, dinner socials, bingo, ice cream socials, and picnics at a local park. I also hold holiday themed social such as our Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Dinner. I really enjoy being the Social Chair of the Epsilon Alpha Chapter.

Fundraising Committee

Epsilon Alpha Bakesale Fundraiser

Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations Committee's goal is to spread our name across campus and to show our own pride in Phi Sigma Pi. To establish this, we purchase articles of clothing with our Greek letters on them. Occasionally we even host letter making events, where Brothers are able to create clothing items of their choice with customized letters. We also hold informational events such as the hot chocolate table, where interested students may find out more about our fraternity while drinking free hot chocolate.

Web/Internet Public Relations Committee

The Web/Internet PR Committee's task is to maintain and update the website and other online resources. This semester we launched an entirely new website, and have currently been making updates daily. Also, there is a brand new Phi Sigma Pi- Epsilon Alpha Online Forum. It is a great way for Brothers to connect and share thoughts and ideas on all subjects, whether they be Fraternal or not. Finally, we have been updating the Epsilon Alpha wiki.

Rush Committee

Initiate Committee

The initiate committee is currently hard at work organizing and playing out our initiation process for the Nu Class. It is our job to provide the initiates with the tools they need throughout an 8 week program to become the best potential Brothers they can be. Of course along the way, we have to have some fun, so we also plan the initiate retreat and any icebreakers or games played throughout as well. Committee members assist in the initiate meetings and give their input as needed. The initiate committee has the committee head that is also the Initiate Advisor, that acts as a guide and teacher for the initiates. The Initiate Advisor does everything from selecting the big little pairings to helping the initiates meet all their requirements.

Building a Better Brotherhood Committee

Philanthropy Development Committee

Chapter Honors and Awards

National Awards

Further Resources

Want to learn more about Phi Sigma Pi- Epsilon Alpha? Visit the links below to our website and online forum!

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