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Beta Chapter (Founded 30 April 1929; went inactive in 1936; Reactivated 12 February 1996) is located at Truman State University (formerly Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, Northeast Missouri State University) in Kirksville, Missouri. The Chapter was founded by Alpha Chapter alumnus C.H. McClure (Α 3) and is a member of the Great Plains Region.

Beta Chapter, Spring 2015

Chapter History

While Beta Chapter was set to be the second chapter of Phi Sigma Pi in 1917 the chapter was not able to be chartered until 1929. The following is part of a letter from C.H. McClure to S. E. Davis, President of the University:

"My Dear Mr. Davis,

I am sorry that our local chapter here has become inactive. When we first organized at Warrensburg and attempted to extend Phi Sigma Pi, we picked Kirksville to be our first chapter. We sent a delegate over to Kirksville and they thought they would provide for the organization of a chapter, so we assigned them Beta chapter. Then John R. Kirk and Byron Cosby put a quietus to the matter and nothing more was done until after I came here. By that time, Phi Sigma Pi had probably twelve or fifteen chapters, but Beta had been skipped in the naming."


Beta Chapter was founded on April 30, 1929 by Professor C.H. McClure from Alpha Chapter at Northeast Missouri State Teachers College in Warrensburg, Missouri. Due to the Great Depression, Beta Chapter was deactivated in the 1930s. Beta Chapter was reactivated on February 12, 1996.


In the Centennial History of the Northeast Missouri State Teachers College an article about Beta Chapter says

Possibly a skeleton organization of the Fraternity existed during the school year of 1935-36, but it was not very functional. This Fraternity had a short life of about six years. Why it did not survive is not clear. Its membership was never large. In the school year of 1932-33, it only had ten members and in 1934-35 it had six.

In the November 1936 Lampadion, it is noted that Professor C.H. McClure informed the national organization that Beta chapter had to go inactive for economic reasons.

The Active Chapter

Currently Beta Chapter has 67 active members and is a well recognized organization on the Truman campus. The Spring 2011 initiate class, Alpha Zeta (AZ), has 23 members. Brothers of Beta Chapter are very active within Phi Sigma Pi as well as many other on-campus organizations, ranging from honor societies to social fraternities and sororities.

Chapter Mascot

The Pirate is the official mascot of Beta Chapter.

Chapter Chant

We pillage, we plunder, we bring the thunder. Go Beta! Go Beta!

Executive Board

Beta's Executive Board is composed of eleven elected members. These members are elected each fall to serve for the following calendar year. There are nine voting members and two nonvoting members, that of Brother at Large and Risk Management Advisor. The makeup of Beta's Executive Board differs from many other chapters. In addition to the Initiate Advisor, Beta added the position of Rush Advisor to oversee the planning of events during Rush week. The position of Brother at Large was created to act as an intermediary for all brothers to the Executive Board and/or the Chapter as a whole. An additional Historian was also added to prepare the initiate class for the National Exam each semester.

2011 Executive Board

2011 Beta Executive Board

Executive Council

Beta's Executive Council consists of six elected committee heads with the Vice President as Chair. The Executive Council is responsible for planning most of the Chapter's events throughout the semester.

2011 Executive Council

2011 Beta Executive Council

Appointed Chapter Positions

Past Chapter Presidents

Drake Bouzek, 2011 President of Beta Chapter
  • unknown

Alumni Advisory Board

The Alumni Advisory Board consists of alumni of Beta Chapter that use their knowledge and experience to advance the brotherhood of the chapter. Upon receiving alumni status, alumni are invited, but not required, to be a member of the Board. There is not a limit as to the number of members serving on the Board at any given time.

Initiate Classes

View main article: List of Beta Chapter Initiate Classes

Chapter Events & Activities

Beta Chapter carries out multiple large events each semester (as described below), as well as smaller events that occur frequently throughout the semester. These activities include but are not limited to:

Road Rally Scavenger Hunt, Spring 2011


  • Field day
  • Karaoke night
  • Movie nights
  • Speed Dating


  • Book Club
  • Around the World with PSP, hosted by Brothers who have studied abroad and want to share their experiences with the chapter.
  • Hosting a campus-wide speaker each Spring semester


Decorating pumpkins at Manor Care, Fall 2008
  • Organizing a Giving Tree for local children in the Fall
  • Tutoring at Ray Miller Elementary School
  • Hosting a Parents Night Out
  • Volunteering at Hope's Kitchen, a food pantry used to help the needy
  • Decorating pumpkins with the elderly at Manor Care


  • Working as concert security for bands that come to Truman's campus
  • Hosting a campus-wide Spaghetti Dinner
  • Encouraging donations for Teach For America

Beta Chapter Formal, Spring 2009

Alumni Weekend

Alumni Weekend is a weekend of events held every spring by Beta Chapter in order to maintain strong, active relations with the Alumni from the chapter. This past year's Alumni Weekend began with a night of Karoake hosted by the Fellowship Committee. The next day featured a variety of events, beginning with a morning basketball game at Truman's rec center and followed by a picnic at a nearby park. Next, Alumni and Brothers gathered to watch and discuss the documentary "Jesus Camp." Following dinner, a formal dance was organized by the Fellowship Committee. The weekend concluded with a breakfast the next morning.

Jello wrestling at Beta Bash, Fall 2008

Beta Bash

Beta Bash is an annual inter-chapter event hosted by Beta Chapter every October. Brothers from several nearby chapters, such as Alpha Chapter, travel to Truman to enjoy the weekend of events. Many Beta Alumni also return for the weekend. This past year's Beta Bash consisted of PSP Jeopardy, a barbeque at a nearby park, and Jello wrestling among Brothers.

Phi Sigma Pi Week

Starting the spring of 2007, Beta Chapter has held a Phi Sigma Pi week on Truman State's campus. The event consisted of a week of Beta chapter reaching out the Truman community and making our ideals of Scholarship, Leadership, and Fellowship known. Throughout the week brothers put on various events that were open to the Truman community. Beta Chapter held two fundraising events: Puppies on the Quad, a time when students could rent a puppy for half an hour; and Teach For America Dodgeball tournament. All the proceeds of the Dodgeball tournament were donated to Teach for America. Beta Chapter also used this week to do a backpack collection for Teach For America. Brothers of Beta Chapter collected backpacks from other student organizations and students.

Notable Alumni

National President (2005-2006)
National Vice President (2004-2005, 2006-2008)
National Vice President (1929-1930)
Phi Sigma Pi Founder
National Vice President (1931-1935)
National Counselor (1930-1931, 1935-1937)

Honorary Members

Mathematics professor, inducted 1931

Chapter Honors and Awards

National Awards

Beta's Awards at the 2009 National Convention in Louisville, Kentucky

University Awards

Kate Ginnard Accepting Beta's Best In Region Award, 2014
  • 2005- Outstanding Large Organization (Truman)
  • 2011- Outstanding Creative Marketing Campaign for Diversity Speaker Philip Milano (Truman)

Other Awards

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