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Epsilon Eta Chapter (Founded 25 April 2006) is located at Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, Kentucky. The Chapter was founded by Sigma Chapter alumnus Brian Thompson (Σ 1042) and is a member of the Bluegrass Region. This Chapter went inactive in October 2017.

Epsilon Eta Chapter, Spring 2013

Chapter History


Epsilon Eta Chapter receiving Charter from President Lisa Ambrosia Howard

Interest in Phi Sigma Pi on the campus of Eastern Kentucky University was first sparked by Sigma Alum Brian Thompson. Brian was a Graduate Student and Residence Hall Coordinator on campus and worked closely with National Office to begin the Brotherhood Education Program. After a year long colonization, Epsilon Eta finally became a chapter on April 25, 2006. They received their official charter at the 2006 National Convention in Washington, D.C.

Early Years

Epsilon Eta Chapter at 2010 Mid-South Regional Conference.

Initiate Classes

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Family Lines

Main Article: List of Epsilon Eta Family Lines

Currently in Epsilon Eta, there are two main family lines: the Carver Family (once known as the Red Family) and the Roque-Delgado Family (also once known as the Green Family). Previously, the Courtney family existed, but has since broken off and split between the two current families.

Chapter Leadership

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Note: * marks as interim

Chapter Events & Activities

Between the Holidays Alumni Dinner

In early December, between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the Chapter invites the alumni to come for a special dinner.

Extreme Community Makeover

In March 2008, with the Criminal Justice Fraternity Lambda Alpha Epsilon, the chapter had a $500 budget and 48 hours to remodel the Bluegrass Community Action Center offices.

Founder's Day Weekend

Epsilon Eta's Founder's Day Weekend is held on the third or fourth weekend of April each year. Events held at Founder's Day in the past have included a campus-wide memory scavenger hunt, silent auctions, board games, and dinners. Both Brothers and Alumni are invited to attend the event each year.


Every October for EKU's homecoming the Chapter invites the alumni to come to tailgating and attend the homecoming football game.


Before each initiation, Brothers and Initiates get together to learn more about each other, and celebrate the initiates induction as Brothers. On some occasions, induction is held during retreat. Retreat is held once each semester (dates vary based on when induction is), sometimes at Maywoods and other times on campus.

Teach for America Semi-Formal

Semi-formal was held in the Springs of 2008 and 2009. Tickets were sold and split between Teach for America and the chapter. The first year it was held at Eastern's Keen Johnson ballroom, and the second year it was held over in Begley gym. Currently the semi-formal is not held.

Notable Alumni

Four of Epsilon Eta's seven graduating seniors in 2009: Alesia, Christine, Keri Jo, Amber, and Leslie
Sarah Maines (formerly Sarah Courtney), Charter member and past President of Epsilon Eta (among other positions) as she makes the first Chapter motion at Grand Chapter 2007

Chapter Honors and Awards

Chapter Service Key Recipients

2007 - Alesia Olsen

2008 - Sarah Courtney

2009 - Miranda Westbrook

2011 - Tiffany Cromer and Amber Murphy

2013 - Joshua Simpson

National Awards

  • None to date

University Awards

  • 2009 - Outstanding (Honor) Service Organization for Excellence in Academics, Service, and Leadership.

Other Awards

  • None to date

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