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Zeta Chapter (Founded March 13 1929) was founded at Eastern State College which is now known as Dakota State College in Madison, South Dakota. The chapter was founded by Lawrence N. Pease, Edgar Higbie and two other faculty members. In 1931, Eastern State College changed from a four year to a two year school forcing the chapter to go inactive. Zeta Chapter is the first chapter to go inactive.

Chapter History


Lawrence N. Pease wrote in The Lampadion;

"Due to the exigency of the times, 'Eastern,' the home of Zeta Chapter, has been reduced to a two-year status. The institution has been a four-year teachers college (established by a ruling of the Board of Regents) since 1924. The constitutional right of the Regents to establish such four-year teacher training institutions was questioned. The Legislature upheld them but, as South Dakota is cursed with a Referendum law, the necessary ten thousand signers to a petition were secured and hence there is no other alternative than to operate as a two-year institution until the next general election a year from now. This action has been disastrous to Phi Sigma I and other organizations whose membership has been recruited chiefly from the senior college. It is hoped that in another year or two Zeta Chapter will be in operation at full strength."1

Notable Alumni

National Secretary (1927-1930)
National President (1931)
National Counselor (1931-1935)
National Treasurer (1937-1939)
Sponsor (1939, 1941)
Regional Director
University President
Governor of American Somoa (1953–1956)
Governor of Guam (1956-1959)

Chapter President

Initiate Classes

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