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Gamma Delta Chapter (Founded 12 November 1995) is located at the University of West Georgia in Carrollton, Georgia. The Chapter was founded by Amy Johnston, Jamie Painter, and Jamie Easoz and is a member of the Mid South Region.

Gamma Delta Chapter, Spring 2006

Chapter History


The Gamma Delta Chapter was Chartered at West Georgia College on November 12th, 1995. Since then, this chapter has been actively striving to make Phi Sigma Pi an integral part of the University of West Georgia Campus.

Early Years

In the Spring of 1996, West Georgia College was upgraded to a university, thus changing its name to the State University of West Georgia. The following winter, the Gamma Delta Chapter went inactive for a short period to plan a successful recruitment. This recruitment took place in April 1997 and produced the Alpha Class, 83 new brothers.

Unfortunately, only three of these brothers (Amy Johnston, Jamie Painter, and Jaime Easoz) returned in the fall. These brothers with the help of the National Headquarters planned and implemented successful recruitment process. The end result was the Beta class, which was comprised of 27 enthusiastic brothers. The Beta and remaining brothers of the Alpha Class banded together to reconstruct the fraternity and build up a reputation on the West Georgia Campus.

Chapter Presidents

Past Gamma Delta Chapter Presidents from left to right: Kristy Rogers, Rachel Dial, Paul Whatley, and Lisa Power
Past Gamma Delta Chapter Presidents from left to right: Anna Killmeier, Lauren Berry, Duane Theobald, and David Wilkerson

Initiate Classes

Main Article: List of Gamma Delta Chapter Initiate Classes

Chapter Chant

Gamma, Gamma, Gamma D
Brothers of UWG
Other Brothers must confess
Gamma Delta is the Best!!!

Chapter Events & Activities

Gamma Delta Alumni Picnic

Gamma Delta Chapter Alumni Picnic, Spring 2006

In Spring of 2006, the Gamma Delta Chapter held its first annual alumni picnic. Wildly considered a success, 17 chapter alumni, along with a number of current brothers as well as their family were in attendance. The picnic was held at Tanner State Park and featured a varied menu of Hot dogs, Hamburgers, BBQ, etc. Most notable was the fact that alumni from as far as the chapter's Alpha Class, including one of the founders Jamie Easoz (Painter) attended the picnic.

AIDS Walk Atlanta

Brothers Paris Desnoes, Angel Burns, and Kishaun Burns at the 2006 AIDS Walk

Every Fall, the Gamma Delta Chapter participates in AIDS Walk Atlanta. The event, which has grown to be one of the most successful service events for the chapter, is held in Atlanta at Piedmont Park and is the largest AIDS fundraising event in the Southeast. Last year, 15 Gamma Delta Chapter brothers attended the event.

Notable Alumni

Vice President of Chapter Development (2008-present)
Vice President of Chapter Development (2004-2005)
candidate for Vice President of Membership Development (2004)
One of the three chapter founders
One of the three chapter founders
One of the three chapter founders

Chapter Honors and Awards

National Awards

University Awards

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Other Awards

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