Vice President of Membership Development

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The Vice President of Membership Development (VPMD) is one of eight National Officers of Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity, known collectively as the National Council. This position was removed in 2018 when the National Council added three Vice President of Development offices.

Duties and Responsibilities

As a member of the National Council, the Vice President of Membership Development instructs Collegiate Chapters on how to make efficient use of The Ritual and propose changes to the National Guidelines on Initiation. In doing so, the VPMD ensures that Collegiate Chapter Initiation Programs are designed to produce committed, responsible, and active members. The current Vice President of Membership Development is Natalie Swierzbin, Gamma Epsilon Chapter Alumnus, who was elected to the office at the 2010 National Convention in Harrisburg, PA.

Until 2007, the VPMD served as the chairperson of the Membership Development Committee whose duty was to see that the Initiation Program instills the ideals of Phi Sigma Pi and develops pride and commitment through learning, participation, and responsibility. The National Membership Development Committee was merged into the National Development Committee in August 2007. The VPMD is still charged with ensuring the responsibilities as part of the new National Development Committee.

List of Vice Presidents of Membership Development

Number Name Chapter Term
1 Mark D. Pabst1 Tau, Alpha Kappa 1990-1993
2 Steven A. DiGuiseppe A2 Sigma 1993
3 Tom B. Boeshore A3 Kappa 1993-1994
4 Derek B. Simmons^4 Rho, Alpha Tau, Beta Lambda, Beta Mu 1994-1995
5 James O. Tisdale III A5 Tau 1995-1996
6 David L. Batts Tau, Delta Epsilon 1996-1998
7 Jonathan Wood Tau 1998-2000
8 Kara L. Maginnis Gamma Theta 2000-2002
9 Brian Beedenbender Beta Rho 2002-2004
10 Patrick D. Herron Alpha Epsilon 2004-2010
11 Natalie Swierzbin Gamma Epsilon 2010-2014
12 Chris McCoy Gamma Beta 2014-2016
13 Matt Peachey Beta Psi 2016-2018

Key to Symbols

(D) - Died in office
(A) - Acting/Interim
(^) - Resigned from office
(*) - Information unavailable


1 Mark D. Pabst became Senior Vice President in 1993.
2 Steven A. DiGuiseppe was appointed 'acting' on by the National Council until a search to find a suitable replacement was completed.
3 Tom B. Boeshore was appointed by the National Council to finish the remainder of the term.
4 Derek B. Simmons was suspended.
5 James O. Tisdale III was appointed by the National Council to fill the remainder of the term.