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National Council
National President
Brian Christiansen
Senior Vice President
Elizabeth Costantino
National Secretary
Kate McConnell
Vice President of Finance
Becky Chamberlain
Vice President of Development
Alesia Richardson
Vice President of Development
Wyatt Davies
Vice President of Development
Stephen Cristiano

The National Council of Phi Sigma Pi is composed of seven elected National Officers, chosen from the ranks of the Membership of Phi Sigma Pi. The National Officers serve as volunteers without remuneration, and are responsible for setting the vision and goals of the National Fraternity.


National Council is currently composed of seven National Officers; however, the makeup of National Council has changed throughout the fraternity's history. The full historical list of National Council positions is as follows:

Retired Council Positions:

Current National Council

The 54th Empowered Council was elected by the Grand Chapter at the 2023 Grand Chapter Conference.


The National Council was first formed in 1925, shortly after Phi Sigma Pi became a National Fraternity with the founding of the Gamma Chapter at Bradley Polytechnic University, now Bradley University, on May 2, 1921. Joseph Glen Bryan (Α 28) was elected to serve as the first National President.

In 1928, Rolla F. Wood (Α 39) became the National President. "Wood is credited with galvanizing the National Officers into a cohesive unit."1 Under Wood's leadership, the fraternity began to flourish, and was represented in the creation of the Professional Interfraternity Conference in 1928.

World War II

Elections for National Officers were not held between 1939 and 1946 due to the war emergency. The National Officers elected in 1939 served for seven years until 1946.

Female Council Members

Anita P. Davis was elected National Historian in 1980 and became the first female member of National Council.

Female Presidents

Tammy Mleziva was elected National President in 2002, becoming the first female to hold this position. Since then, there have been three additional female Presidents. The full list is as follows:

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