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The National President is the highest ranking National Officer of Phi Sigma Pi.

Duties and Responsibilities

The National President is responsible for Presiding at Grand Chapter and National Council meetings, appointing National Committee members, promoting the general interests of Phi Sigma Pi, and calling for and receiving reports from the National Officers, National Committees, Collegiate Chapters, or Alumni Chapters. The current National President is Brian Christiansen, Alpha Eta Chapter Alumnus, who was elected to the office during the 2021 virtual National Convention.

List of National Presidents

l to r: Josh Marder, Jonah Goodman, Lisa Ambrosia Howard, Tammy Mleziva, Jeffrey L. Johnson. August 2007
Number Name Chapter Term
1 Joseph Glen Bryan Alpha 1922-1925
2 J.A. Leach Alpha 1925-1928
3 Rolla F. Wood Alpha 1928-1929
4 Frank Alexander Epsilon 1929-1930
5 Walter P. Percival^1 Eta 1930-1931
6 Lawrence N. Pease A2 Alpha 1931
7 Charles E. Manwiller Eta 1931-1935
8 Simon S. Shearer Omicron 1935-1937
9 James M. McCallister Alpha 1937-1939
10 Clair B. Wilson Kappa 1939-1946
11 Beecher Flanagan Epsilon, Tau 1946-1948
12 Henry W. Olsen Rho 1948-1957
13 Richard C. Todd Sigma, Tau 1957-1959
14 Daniel B. Lloyd Rho 1959-1961
15 Leroy G. Pulver Pi 1961-1962
16 Henry W. Olsen Rho 1962-1964
17 Abram J. Foster Sigma 1964-1968
18 Vaughn E. Rhodes Pi 1968-1976
19 Richard J. Donald Iota 1976-1978
20 Richard Meily Sigma 1978-1980
21 Jack W. Thornton Tau 1980-1982
22 David W. Patti Sigma 1982-1984
23 Gerald W. Burkhardt Sigma 1984-1986
24 Jack W. Thornton Tau 1986-1988
25 Steven A. DiGuiseppe Sigma 1988-1990
26 Jeffrey L. Johnson Sigma 1990-1996
27 Dr. Mark D. Pabst Tau 1996-1998
28 James O. Tisdale III Tau 1998-2000
29 Joshua G. Marder Alpha Rho 2000-2002
30 Tammy A. Mleziva Alpha Epsilon 2002-2004
31 Kara M. Domby^ Gamma Theta 2004-2005
32 Lisa A. Ambrosia Howard3 Beta 2005-2006
33 Colleen Dougherty^ Alpha Theta 2006-2007
34 Jonah K. Goodman4 Delta Alpha 2007-2014
35 Matthew Nicoletta Beta Kappa 2014-2018
36 Erik Walschburger Alpha Lambda 2018-2021
37 Brian Christiansen Alpha Eta 2021-2025

Key to Symbols

(D) - Died in office
(A) - Acting/Interim
(^) - Resigned from office
(*) - Information unavailable


1 Walter P. Percival resigned as he left his teaching position at IUP in order to teach in Quebec.
2 Lawrence N. Pease was appointed President by the National Council to finish the remainder of the term.
3 Lisa A. Ambrosia Howard was elected as National President on September 14, 2005 by the National Council.
4 Jonah K. Goodman was elected as National President on April 3, 2007 by the National Council.

Suggested New List

Presidency National President Prior Office Collegiate Chapter Term Senior Vice President
Joseph bryan.jpg
Joseph Glen Bryan
None Alpha 1st Empowered Council J.A. Leach
J leach.jpg
J.A. Leach
National Vice President Alpha 2nd Empowered Council Albert F. Siepert
Rolla wood.jpg
Rolla F. Wood
None Alpha 3rd Empowered Council ?
Frank Alexander None Epsilon 4th Empowered Council Carson Green