Vice President of Finance

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The Vice President of Finance is one of eight National Officers of Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity, known collectively as the National Council.

Duties and Responsibilities

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List of Vice Presidents of Finance

National Treasurer prior to 1990

Number Name Chapter Term
1 B.B. Cramer Alpha 1922-1925
2 Andrew H. Whitesitt Delta 1925-1935
3 Brewster B. Johnson Rho 1935-1937
4 Lawrence N. Pease Alpha, Zeta 1937-1939
5 Clair L. Woodward Pi 1939-1946
6 Sanders P. McComsey Sigma 1946-1951
- see National Treasurer/Secretary - 1951-1988
7 Robert A. Helm^1 Sigma 1988-1989
8 James G. Voulopos, CPA A2 Sigma 1989-1996
9 Hope C. Harrell, CPA Tau 1996-2000
10 Carlye Buchanan, CPA Alpha Phi 2000-2004
11 Joshua G. Marder Alpha Rho 2004-2010
12 Matthew Nicoletta Beta Kappa 2010-2014
13 Sarah Cantwell Beta Sigma 2014-present


1 Robert A. Helm resigned.
2 James G. Voulopos was appointed Treasurer by the National Council to serve the remainder of the term.

Key to Symbols

(D) - Died in office
(A) - Acting/Interim
(^) - Resigned from office
(*) - Information unavailable