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Gamma Chapter (Founded 2 May 1921) is located at Bradley Polytechnic Institute, now known as Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois. The Chapter was founded by Alpha Chapter alumnus Joseph V. Hanna. Gamma Chapter has been inactive since 1959.

Chapter History

Gamma Chapter is founded on April 23 with three faculty members, three seniors and three juniors. The Faculty members were;

The Seniors were;

The Juniors were;

It has also been claimed that May 2, 1921 was the founding date. There is controversy as to which date is correct.

Past Presidents

Notable Alumni

National Vice President (1925-1928)
National Vice President (1929-1930)
National Secretary (1937-1939)
National Secretary (1925-1926)
National Secretary (1948-1950)

Initiate Classes

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