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Delta Beta Chapter (Founded 1 November 1998) is located at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The Chapter is a member of the South Region.

Chapter History


The Delta Beta Chapter at the University of Alabama was founded on November 1, 1998. The mascot of the Delta Beta Chapter is Dee Beta, a betta fish.

The Active Chapter

The chapter is very active on campus working to further the ideals set forth by the tripod of the fraternity. Members serve on committees to further our chapter and the tripod of Scholarship, Leadership, and Fellowship. The Fundraising Committee works to raise the money needed to operate the fraternity on a daily basis. Past events have included bake sales, spirit nights, and inter-chapter assassins games. The Recruitment and Initiate Committees work to actively recruit and train new members to become strong brothers of the Delta Beta Chapter. The Public Relations Committee manage the social media accounts of the chapter, as well as distributing regular newsletters to the chapter. The Swag Committee creates t-shirts and other memorabilia for brothers.

The service committee has a very strong and proud record of community service. They strive to put together exciting and meaningful service events. Past projects have included volunteering at the animal shelter, creating first aid bags for the Tsunami victims, donating numerous bags of clothing for Hurricane Katrina relief, sponsoring American soldiers overseas, and raising funds for chapters who have suffered tragedies, including chapters in Louisiana following the effects of Katrina and Rita. The biggest service events are the semesterly canned food drives around the entire campus, for which the chapter has garnered media attention for its efforts.

The most fun aspect revolves around events planned by the Social Committee. The social committee puts on many gatherings and parties including dinner nights, a Christmas Dirty Santa night, holiday parties, and the Spring Formal. These social events are the key to our brotherhood, allowing us to fellowship and have fun apart from our usual business and work. The Chapter Development committee also plans events such as poker nights and weekly brother dinners to get brothers together and garner better relationships.

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