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1998: The Year in Review
National President Mark D. Pabst, James O. Tisdale III
Torchia Recipients Tau, Alpha Lambda, Alpha Rho
DSK Recipients Hope C. Harrell
New Chapters Gamma Upsilon, Gamma Phi, Gamma Chi, Gamma Psi, Gamma Omega, Delta Alpha, Delta Beta, Delta Gamma, Delta Delta, Delaware Valley Alumni Chapter
Reactivated Chapters Alpha Sigma

The Year 1998 in review for Phi Sigma Pi.



  • February 24 - Gamma Upsilon is founded at the University of Kentucky
  • February 26 - Gamma Phi is founded at the University of Oklahoma


  • April 15 - Gamma Chi is founded at the University of Central Florida
  • April 20 - Alpha Sigma is reactivated at the Virginia Commonwealth University
  • April 21 - Gamma Psi is founded at the College of William & Mary
  • April 21 - Gamma Omega is founded at the University of Nebraska



  • October 18 - Delta Alpha is founded at Rochester Institute of Technology