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1991: The Year in Review
National President Jeffrey L. Johnson
Torchia Recipients Kappa, Tau
DSK Recipients Jeffrey L. Johnson
New Chapters Alpha Mu, Alpha Nu, Alpha Xi, Alpha Omicron, Alpha Pi, Alpha Rho, Alpha Sigma, Alpha Tau
Reactivated Chapters Upsilon

The Year 1991 in review for Phi Sigma Pi.


  • Molly Miller is named Executive Director.


  • February 10 - Alpha Mu is founded at West Virginia University
  • February 10 - Alpha Nu is founded at Utah State University
  • February 14 - Phi Sigma Pi celebrates its 75th anniversary


  • March 3 - Alpha Xi is founded at Radford University
  • March 3 - Alpha Omicron is founded at University of Virginia



  • October 6 - Alpha Pi is founded at Pennsylvania State University
  • October 15 - Upsilon is reactivated at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania


  • November 3 - Alpha Rho is founded at Virginia Tech
  • November 4 - Alpha Sigma is founded at Virginia Commonwealth University
  • November 13 - Alpha Tau is founded at Howard University