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Epsilon Delta Chapter (Founded 28 April 2003) is located at the University of South Florida in sunny Tampa, Florida. The Chapter is a member of the Southeast Region.

Epsilon Delta, Spring 2015

Chapter History

The Basics

The Epsilon Delta Chapter was founded at the the University of South Florida on April 28, 2003. The Chapter is part of the Southeast Region, which includes all Florida chapters: Gamma Epsilon (University of Florida), Gamma Chi (University of Central Florida), and Gamma Eta (Florida State University) and Delta Lambda (University of Miami).

Being from a university that values a strong global population, Epsilon Delta reflects a similar diversity in its Brotherhood. We have a number of nationalities represented (Venezuelan, Swedish, and Haitian to name a few), as well as a wide cross-section of majors. Many Brothers work together on homework assignments, take courses together, trade textbooks, and offer academic resources to younger students. With alumni participating in USF's pharmacy and graduate schools, we have a tight-knit community of great Brothers throughout the USF system.

The Epsilon Delta Chapter participates in various activities and events at USF and in the community. We participate in well-known campus-wide service activities such as Community Plunge and Gandhi Day of Service in the Fall and Stampede of Service in the Spring. One of our most beloved projects is our participation in Relay for Life. Epsilon Delta participates yearly and is well known for being the "most spirited team." Phi Sigma Pi also plays an active role in USF's intramurals, from football to bowling, participating in at least half a dozen each year.

In memory of Brother Darcy Enrille, Epsilon Delta supports the Pediatric Cancer Foundation as our local philanthropy. Dedicated to funding research to eliminate childhood cancer, The Pediatric Cancer Foundation is a nonprofit organization focused on finding less toxic, more targeted therapies and cancer treatments by partnering with leading hospitals nationwide.


Epsilon Delta was founded in 2003 after Nationals came to USF looking to begin a new Chapter. The Chapter struggled to build momentum and settle confusion its first few semesters but was aided by our Brothers at Gamma Chi Chapter. We inducted 78 charter members, led by president Jennifer Mathis. Their meetings started out haphazard and crowded in the Marshall Center breezeway, but are now well conducted under Robert's Rules and are constantly striving toward efficiency.

Our original Executive Board was comprised of:

President: Jennifer Jean Mathis
Treasurer: Jeffrey Dean Karns
Vice-President: Kiala Clarke
Historian: Meghan Powell
Corresponding Secretary: Laura Thomas
Rush Advisor: Joey Suarez
Recording Secretary: Christina (Bratager) Franklin
Initiate Advisor: Wayne Bryant
Parliamentarian: Tammi Wilson

At first, the Chapter required attendance at 3 social, 3 fundraising, 3 service and 3 scholarship events in addition to rituals and voting each semester. However, Epsilon Delta is now on a points system that promotes attendance at all events, regardless of size, and has effectively boosted attendance at both required and miscellaneous events.

The Active Chapter

There are usually between 50 and 60 active Epsilon Delta Brothers each semester.

Fall 2016 Officers

President, Kade Cicchella
Vice President, Teyonna Edwards
Secretary, Taylor Hill
Treasurer, Taylor Hill
Recruitment Advisors, Devin Griggs and Monique Soriano
Initiate Advisors, Adam Kosianowski and Tiffany Buchanan
Historian, Monique Soriano
Parliamentarian, Amani Andrews

Fall 2015 Committee Chairs

Alumni, Chrissy Barnett
Awards and Scholarship, Cayla Duckworth and Teyonna Edwards
Fundraising, Emily Wheatley
Public Relations, Arlin Idikula and Savannah Diaz
Service, Kiana Burns
Social, Nicole Delgado
ICR, Sarah Grimard


Amani Andrews, David Baldwin, Tiffany Buchanan, Courtney Cecil, Kade Cicchella, Yoshiie Clayton, Savannah Diaz, Cayla Duckworth, Teyonna Edwards, Savannah Fransbergen, Danielle Gotwals, Devin Griggs, Taylor Hill, Caroline Jackson, Adam Kosianowski, Dominique Lane, Emily Cady Miller, Sarah Peer, and Arletty Rangel


EDD is the official mascot of Epsilon Delta. This handsome Dinosnore can be found repping his letters at various fraternal events.

EDD, the Epsilon Delta Dinosaur

Chapter Presidents

Initiate Classes

Main Article: List of Epsilon Delta Chapter Initiate Classes

Honorary Brothers

Active Families

Non-Active Families

Chapter Events & Activities

Founder's Day Banquet

Epsilon Delta holds a banquet every year in honor of Founder's Day the weekend around the exact date. Alumni are always welcomed and we have a blast. During this banquet, numerous awards are presented. Here are the main awards:

  • The Outstanding Brother Award in honor of Joey Suarez
Brother who most exemplifies the tripod
  • The Most Spirited Brother in honor of Aireen Ortiz
Brother who most shows exemplary Phi Sigma Pi spirit
  • The Admiration Award in memory of Darcy Enrille
Brother who most shows tremendous dedication to the Brotherhood even while facing major hardship
  • Mr. and Miss Phi Sigma Pi
Best All-Around Brother - most spirited, most dedicated, highest Brotherly character
  • Unsung Brother Award
Brother who most contributes to the Fraternity with little recognition
  • Most Dedicated Brother
Brother who most exhibits dedication to serving the Local and National fraternity
  • Most Dependable Brother
Brother who is reliable and willing to go the extra mile to help out a fellow Brother
  • Outstanding E-Board member
Member of Executive Board who shows the most dedication both to their position and to the Fraternity as a whole
  • Outstanding Committee Chair
Committee Chair who has gone above and beyond in their events
  • Outstanding Committee
Committee that has worked best together and has shown the most enthusiasm for their events
  • Mr./ Miss Congeniality
Brother who carries him or herself well and exhibits Brotherly character in all situations


Epsilon Delta hosts its annual ICR event during the Gasparilla Pirate Invasion, which takes place on the Tampa Bay each spring. Epsilon Delta hosts visiting Brothers in historic Ybor City for a weekend of parades and pirates. Gasparilla became our official ICR event in 2008 thanks to ICR chair Christine Vazquez and continues to feature visits from Brothers from throughout Florida and its neighboring states.

Parents' Weekend

Epsilon Delta started a Parents' Weekend in Fall 2007. During this weekend, the parents of the active Chapter were invited to come and learn about the great organization their son or daughter is so involved in. We put this event in the Fall to bring parents to either watch a football game in Fall 2007 or tailgate and attend a game such as in Fall 2008. There is always a large turnout and parents get to meet the people their son or daughter always talk about or spend so much time with.

Brotherhood Retreat

Alumna member and former President Casey Moore started a Brotherhood Retreat in Spring of 2006 at Day Springs. The Retreat includes: icebreakers, discussion of the state of the Chapter, Goals, paper bags for each Brother that gets filled with positive notes, a bonfire with s'mores, and canoeing. Recently, Brotherhood Retreat has been held at Lake Louisa State Park where Brothers gather for fun activities and team-building. The Chapter has begun having "serious talks", a phrase coined by former President Jerica Singleton, during which Brothers are given the floor to talk on a number of topics related to their goals for the Chapter and themselves.

Relay for Life

Relay for Life is very near and dear to the Epsilon Delta Chapter. In Fall 2008, we lost an alumna to Osteosarcoma. Darcy Enrille was a beloved member of Beta Class and a dedicated Brother. She would use Relay to help spread her message of her cancer and we can only keep doing the same. Epsilon Delta raises over $1,000 in Relay. This is always a large turnout and brings the Chapter closer together. In Spring 2009, we dedicated our entire weekend to walking in her memory. The Chapter has won "Most Spirited Organization" at Relay for Life in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012.

Phi Sigma Pi Scholarships

  • On April 20, 2007 Epsilon Delta awarded their first Phi Sigma Pi Scholarships to two Hillsborough County high school seniors, Melissa Chudow and Jason Almcrantz.
  • In 2008, Epsilon Delta awarded Jonathan Casanas from Hillsborough High School the Phi Sigma Pi Scholarship.
  • In 2009, Epsilon Delta awarded Char'Lee Tubbs from Lennard High School and Matthew Lenhart from Plant City High School the Phi Sigma Pi Scholarships.
  • In 2010, Epsilon Delta awarded Jose Perez from Hillsborough High School and Christine Vazquez and Kathleen Carter presented Jacob Robinson's scholarship during Lennard High School's Senior Award Ceremony on May 20th.
  • In 2011, Epsilon Delta awarded Michael Perkins and Ashley Jones the Phi Sigma Pi Scholarships.

Chapter Honors and Awards

National Awards

University Awards

  • 2009 Most Spirited Organization at Relay for Life
  • 2010 Most Spirited Organization at Relay for Life
  • 2011 Most Spirited Organization at Relay for Life
  • 2012 Most Spirited Organization at Relay for Life

Other Awards

In the News

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