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Zeta Iota Chapter (founded 17 April 2011) is located at Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The chapter is a member of what used to be the Philadelphia Metropolitan Region. The Chapter has won seven national awards, including the Top in Region Award in 2016, Claude A. Phillips Fellowship Award in 2016, and Steven A. DiGuiseppe Administrative Award in 2014.


Chapter History


Zeta Iota Chapter receiving their Charter at the 2011 National Convention. (L-R)Steph Scalice and Raya Abat accepted the Charter for Zeta Iota.

The Charter Class of the Zeta Iota Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi at St. Joseph’s University was inducted on April 17, 2011. This Charter Class included twenty-six members who enthusiastically worked toward bringing an official chapter of Phi Sigma Pi to Hawk Hill. Our Founder and first President was Sally Siebert.

Sally Siebert led the charge in getting Phi Sigma Pi onto Saint Joseph’s campus. It served as the second co-ed fraternity besides the business fraternity. She worked for several years to get Phi Sigma Pi on campus. The first eboard was Sally Siebert (President), Elizabeth Fitzpatrick (Vice-President), Stephanie Scalice (Secretary), Cory Hall (Treasuer), Justin Colaprico (Parlimentairan), Lauren Takovich (Recruitment Advisor and Initiate Adivisor), and Raya Abat (Historian). The eboard was selected by the Director of Exapsion, Ryan DeGuzman. Zeta Iota upon successful completion of the chapter petition outlining all the events and goals of chapter as a colony. This petition was completed by the Historian, Raya Abat, and fellow brother Robbie Cusella.

On August 6, 2011, Raya Abat and Stephanie Scalice received Zeta Iota’s Charter on behalf of the entire Chapter during the Awards Banquet of the 2011 Phi Sigma Pi National Convention held in Arlington, Virginia. Acquisition of this Charter symbolized Zeta Iota’s official recognition as an active Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi at the national level.

Throughout The Years


The Chapter focused on completing event requirements that were necessary to become a recognized chapter. Lack of experience with proper chapter operations resulted in confusion and uncertainty. There were several events that were planned were later canceled due to confusion and lack of interest. In spite of these set backs, brothers had a fun time getting to know each other and learning about Phi Sigma Pi. Risk management chair was created during this year.


This year was a transitional year with the implementation of structure. The chapter to stray away from a laid back atmosphere to a more formal setting. An anonymous online suggestion box was used to help gain input from brothers; however, this caused more problems and it was decided to discontinue it. Committees started to become more solidified. For the first time, a brother was expelled, put on probation, and brothers resigned from the fraternity. Since this was the first year implementing terms on probation, it was difficult figuring out how to do so. This was also the first year we had an alumni advisor, Chris Costantino, who helped with parliamentary procedure and chapter effectiveness. Robert's Rules were finally used during meetings. The Brother at Large position was created during this year.


Zeta Iota continued to grow throughout this year. Positions Charters and Alphas usually had were finally being replaced by younger brothers. The chapter continued to change. One big change was implementation of event requirements in Operating Policy. Another major change was the number event requirements that were mandatory. It was originally each brother had to go to two social events, two scholarship events, two fundraising events, two service events, and one risk management event. This was changed to one social, one scholarship, one fundraising, one service, one risk management, and two of any event which included those just mentioned plus public relations, historian, alumni, and inter-chapter relations event. This allowed for greater flexibility for brothers and also allowed for the brothers to go to other events make it count for something.


In 2014 a major was that the number of fundraising events required to go was increased from one to two. Going to only one event decreased the amount of money raised for the fraternity. This was also the year the last of the Charters graduated.


Zeta Iota implemented a Partial Activity system for Brothers who may have an extraordinarily busy schedule one semester and still want to stay active. The Chapter also separated the Risk Management Chair into the Risk Management and Special Event Chairs, which took effect for the 2016 Executive Council.


The Chapter implemented a Risk Management Tier system, which took the efforts of every member for two months. Zeta Iota also experienced difficulty during a spike in Brother resignations. To combat the apathy that accumulated from this hard time period, the Chapter held a Brother Retreat and worked together to create a draft to a Mission Statement and set forth goals after discussing the Chapter's strengths and weaknesses. The Chapter won the Claude A. Phillips Fellowship Award due to this retreat and also the Top in Region Award at the 2016 National Convention in Kansas City, Missouri.

Executive Board Summaries

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Chapter Positions

Current Executive Board

Marisa Egan
Brian Nessel
Amber Cannon
Liz Fuentes
Max Barrille
Richard Foronjy
Georgeann Lombertino
Kennedy Sanders

Current Executive Council

Rob Focht
Lauren Opdyke
Kathryn Hyduchak
Kelly Garrigan
Gunnar Moore
Mary Kate Tysiak
Luigi Nuñez
Claire Gill
Nina Cavallero

Other Positions

Amelia McGrath
Haley Patrick
Caroline Lembo
Luigi Nuñez

Past Chapter Positions

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Initiate Classes

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Chapter Events & Activities


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Campus Wide Events

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Inter-Chapter Relations Events

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Alumni Events

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Public Relations Events

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Risk Management Events

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Historian Events

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Zeta Iota Families

There are 23 families in Zeta Iota. There are 4 families that are retired (marked by an asterisk).

  1. Alpha Delta Family *
  2. Alpha Epsilon Family *
  3. Alpha Chi Family
  4. Alpha Omega Family *
  5. Alpha Rho Gamma
  6. Alpha Psi Kappa Family
  7. Beta Alpha Beta Family
  8. Beta Alpha Mu Family
  9. Beta Alpha Rho Family
  10. Beta Beta Beta Family
  11. Beta Gamma Tau Family
  12. Beta Tau Iota Family
  13. Gamma Alpha Iota Family
  14. Gamma Alpha Rho Family
  15. Delta Delta Gamma Family
  16. Eta Omicron Tau Family
  17. Lambda Iota Lambda Family
  18. Lambda Omega Lambda Family
  19. Rho Beta Eta Family
  20. Sigma Chi Family *
  21. Tau Nu Lambda Family
  22. Theta Rho Family
  23. Psi Kappa Family

Governing Document

There are several documents that dictate how Zeta Iota is run. On a National level, they are the National Constitution, National Operating Policies, and National Risk Management Policy. On a local level, they are the Zeta Iota Bylaws, Zeta Iota Operating Policy, and Zeta Iota Risk Management Policy.

Notable Alumni

Chapter Honors and Awards

National Awards

  • 2016
  • 2014
  • 2013
  • 2012

University Awards

  • 2013
  • Love in Action Award - For the work done on campus and outside the community

Chapter Awards

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