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Delta Sigma Chapter (Founded 2 May 2001) is located at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado. The Chapter was founded by 22 Chapter alumni. Delta Sigma is a member of the West Region.

Delta Sigma Chapter, Race For the Cure

Chapter History


The Chapter was founded on May 2, 2001 by 22 Chapter alumni: Lacey Bowman, Emilie Cindric, Lindsey Barela, Meagan Greening, Rachael Mitchem-Flanigan, Heather Arnold, Jeffrey Smith, Alissa Shelton, Andrea Bianchi, Amanda Gould, Sara Strufing, Ryan Knisely, Stephanie Tozer, Aaron Smith, Erin Schou, Ellen Sandler, Erin Labesky, Miriam Goldstien, Jeffrey DesMarteau, and Lisay Henry.

Early Years

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The Active Chapter

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Past Chapter Presidents

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Main Article: List of Delta Sigma Chapter Initiate Classes

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