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Zeta Kappa Charter Class

Zeta Kappa Chapter (Founded 5 May 2011) is located at University of Minnesota in Minneapolis and St Paul, Minnesota. The chapter is a member of the Upper Midwest Region. The chapter was made inactive on June 28, 2014.

Chapter History


Zeta Kappa Chapter receiving their Charter at the 2011 National Convention.

The Zeta Kappa Chapter was founded in 2011 at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, its Alpha Class of 37 Brothers inducted on May 5, 2011. The colonization process was begun by Ellen Hystead, an alumni of the Beta Sigma Chapter at Michigan State University and current graduate student at the University of Minnesota. With her guidance, the Zeta Kappa initiates quickly transformed from a random assortment of ambitious students to a Brotherhood. Now, the Zeta Kappa Chapter has 27 active members on campus, collectively working to improve the Minneapolis community as well as their academic and leadership skills and the fellowship within the Chapter.

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