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Gamma Alpha Chapter (Founded 22 October 1995) is located at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. The Chapter is a member of the Upper Midwest Region.

Chapter History


On October 22, 1995, Christine M. Blank, the national director of expansion, and James O. Tisdale III, the national Vice President of Chapter Development inducted 135 students into Fowler Hall on the Purdue University campus. This was the beginning of the Gamma Alpha Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi.

Gamma Alpha Timeline

Early Years

This dynamic and dedicated group’s first and most important task was to establish the Gamma Alpha Chapter as a recognized student organization on Purdue’s campus. While official recognition by the university requires only paper work and an advisor, recognition by the student body proved to be much more difficult. Though they worked diligently, most of the first executive board never experienced this kind of recognition. Only through the continued efforts of following members did the chapter achieve campus-wide recognition. This group’s contribution, however, should not go unnoticed. They gave the chapter definition and laid a solid foundation for others to build upon.

Despite the hard work of the first executive board, the chapter was in trouble by the end of its first year. Apathy, one of the most threatening problems for a chapter to face was rampant among its members. Many members dropped out of the organization, meeting attendance was very low, and chapter lacked focus. Though many members did not realize it, the chapter was on the verge of folding altogether. Even at the most important meeting of the Fall 1996 semester – officer elections- less than half the chapter attended. Despite this, the chapter elected the second executive board.

Even though the first executive board had solved many of the well-defined problems of founding a chapter, a difficult and unclear task awaited the second. Chapter participation was at an all time low. Dissension was even present among the executive board, as several officers left the organization. Though troublesome at the time, this turnover was probably best for the chapter. It left a stronger, more dedicated group in charge of the chapter’s welfare. The second executive board decided to make major changes to the way the chapter operated, including increasing meeting frequency, restructuring committees, and completely overhauling the initiation program. Eventually, these changes had a profound effect, and with the help of a few strong initiate classes the chapter grew stronger than ever before.

Recent Years

In 2003 the new executive board there developed two new traditions for the Alpha Gamma Chapter: Project C.A.R.E. for the Service Committee and Callback Rush events for the Initiation Program. In the second semester, Gamma Alpha had a successful interchapter event, inviting brothers from Eastern Illinois and Central Michigan to a Barn Dance.

The Gamma Alpha Chapter is currently working on a national project called Project C.A.R.E., Children Are Reading Everywhere. Book drop stations have been dispersed around the community, and a bowl-a-thon is underway. Brothers have been reading to children and grading writing for story contests to support this project. Working toward success, the brothers of Phi Sigma Pi National Honors Fraternity Alpha Gamma Chapter push forward to make a difference.

2004 marked the introduction of a Brother Retreat, held every semester. A round table discussion was held about the goals of the Fraternity, and it was a time that committees became more united. Also, the initiation program responsibilities were split up into a Rush chair, responsible for Rush activities, and the Initiate Advisor, in charge of all events during the Initiation process. Once again, we had a successful CARE week. 2004 saw the continued success of the Bowl-a-thon, raising $1300 for Head Start. The chapter also combined the Senior Banquet with a formal dance, also inviting other chapters to increase interchapter relations. Brothers from Eastern Illinois University and Ohio State were in attendance. This turned out to be as successful as the barn dance in creating interest at Purdue with other nearby chapters.

The spring and fall semesters of 2005 brought exciting change to the Gamma Alpha chapter. The new executive board looked to uphold the standards set in past semesters and to incorporate new and exciting ideas into all events, such as new fundraisers and a more interesting and active brother retreat. These goals were easily met due to the hard work of Fundraising chair Molly Sliger and AS&S chair Lindsaey Huml and their respective committees. In the spring, Molly introduced the SCRIP program and in the fall she planned a fundraiser with Cedar Point, which not only made the chapter a lot of money, but was great fun. Lindsaey and the AS&S committee provided chapter with two excellent brother retreats. In the spring, brothers attended a ropes course held by Purdue University and in the fall, brothers had a great time on a day long canoe trip.

Forrest Judd, one of the founding members of the Gamma Alpha chapter, returned to Purdue to attend our annual formal. He was impressed by the improvements made to chapter and by the commitment of many of the Brothers, but warned against apathy, which was becoming a problem. Many Brothers were missing chapter meetings and not reaching the semester point requirements. This problem was frequently addressed in executive meetings and it was decided that it was necessary to enforce probation on those who did not meet their requirements, but more importantly, Gamma Alpha needed to find more dedicated prospectives. This was a goal set by the 2005 executive board before they left office and continues to be important each semester.

The Active Chapter

For the Fall 2008 semester, the Gamma Alpha chapter will consist of 36 Active Brothers, as well as 2 Inactive Brothers who will be studying abroad. The chapter also has many active Alumni. At the moment, work is being done to implement an Alumni Advisory Board for the chapter.

Past Chapter Presidents

Initiate Classes

Main Article: List of Gamma Alpha Chapter Initiate Classes

Current Executive Board and Committee Chairs

The following Brothers will hold these positions for the Fall 2013 semester:

Chapter Events & Activities

Founder's Weekend

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Notable Alumni

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Chapter Honors and Awards

National Awards

Chapter Awards

Awards given each semester by Gamma Alpha:

Forrest Judd Award: Named after an original Brother of Gamma Alpha who served as both Initiate Advisor and President, this award recognizes an Executive Board member who has demonstrated exceptional leadership.

Purple Heart Award: Awarded to an active Brother who has provided exceptional effort to the chapter and who demonstrates the ideals of Phi Sigma Pi.

Outstanding Service Award: Awarded to an active Brother, other than the service chair, who has made an outstanding contribution to the service efforts of Phi Sigma Pi.

Best Big Award: Awarded to a Brother who has served as a Big Brother and receives the highest combined vote total from both other Brothers and Initiates.

Broken Chair Award: Presented to an active Brother who has done something unusually funny or entertaining that semester.

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