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Zeta Eta Charter Class

Phi Sigma Pi is a co-educational honor fraternity. Started in 1916 at State Teaching College at Warrensburg, MO, we have expanded throughout the years, and have recently come to the West Coast. Zeta Eta Chapter (Founded 5 December 2010) is located at University of California, Riverside in Riverside, California. The chapter is a member of the Pacific Coast Region.

Chapter History

Zeta Eta Chapter

Zeta Eta Chapter's quarterly mock-tail rush event Spring 2013

Phi Sigma Pi is founded upon 3 fundamental ideals; scholarship, leadership, and fellowship.

  • Our Brothers are expected to embody these three ideals at all times to the best of their ability with:
  1. The acquisition and dissemination of information and knowledge through scholarship.
  2. The application of professional skills and the fostering of leadership qualities by promoting and advancing the welfare of humanity.
  3. The fostering of non-discriminatory, fraternal fellowship within our ranks.

Early Years

Phi Sigma Pi (ΦΣΠ) National Honor Fraternity is a unique fraternity with a rich history. The Zeta Eta chapter at the University of California, Riverside is one of only seven chapters in California, of the 300 in the nation. This chapter was founded by our very first President, Alex Owens, along with thirty other Founding members in 2010. Owens remained the chapter's president for three terms, up until his graduation in the Spring of 2013. The next year, Zeta Eta chapter was officially chartered on December 05, 2011. Since then we have expanded, grown, and have become a strong presence on-campus. In spring 2011 Zeta Eta received the award for "Best New Student Organization" on campus, and we hope to keep our momentum going and really make a difference at UC Riverside. Being such a new Fraternity on campus Zeta Eta is very proud of how much we have done in our few years here. Our goal is to become greater as each year passes. Our list of well endowed and professional Brothers have grown over the years with each Brother making a tremendous impact on the Fraternity.

The Active Chapter

Spring 2013

Each year our chapter members fluctuate between 40-50 members. As a fraternity we hold onto the belief that a smaller group of Brothers will better allow for closer friendships and bonds. Our chapter consists of some of the most diverse Brothers on campus; ranging from people of different economic and social backgrounds to different majors to being involved in different organizations on campus to playing different sports and many more. Each Brother brings something different to the table and we are certain that you will be able to find anything you need from our range of unique Brothers. Furthermore, Zeta Eta, as a chapter is part of PFC, a Professional Council on campus made up of all the Professional Fraternities at UC Riverside. It's purpose is to provide each Professional Fraternity with resources, networks and connections. It is also a great way to socialize with people from different fraternities and grow friendships that would enable us to all help each other along the way. These foundations, as long as Zeta Eta's own Bothers and ideals are what we believe will enable our chapter to continue to grow and strengthen the chapter for years to come.

Fraternity Colors

Purple and Gold

Chapter Colors

Current Executive Board: Fall 2013-Spring 2014

Zeta Eta Executive Board 2013-2014

Past Chapter Presidents

  • Alex Owens (2011-2013)
  • Alexis Dennis (2013-Present)

Past Chapter Executive Boards

List of Past Zeta Eta Chapter Executive Boards

Initiate Classes

List of Zeta Eta Chapter Initiate Classes

Family Trees

Family Trees


Chapter Events & Activities

Founder's Weekend

Founder's Day Celebration is recognized every fifth of December.

Other Event or Activity

  • Letters Day: The official "wear your letters day," occurs on the 14th of every month. On this day members are expected to wear their letters to show their pride, recognition, and honor within the Brotherhood of Phi Sigma Pi.
  • Regionals: Every Spring Quarter of the school year, Zeta Eta chapter along with the rest of the Pacific Coast region chapters holds an event where brothers are allowed to meet one another, discuss their chapters and work to build a stronger bond within the Brotherhood.
  • National Convention:
  • Big Appreciation Day:
  • Banquet:

Notable Alumni

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Founding Member
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DSK year
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Chapter Honors and Awards

Zeta Eta Chapter receiving their Charter at the 2011 National Convention.

National Awards

  • 2014 The Outstanding Achievement in Fundraising Award
  • 2014 The Outstanding Regional Conference Award, Pacific Coast Region (Zeta Eta Host)
  • 2014 Top in Region, Pacific Coast Region

University Awards

  • 2011 New Student Organization of the Year
Alex Owens accepting the 2011 New Student Organization Award for Zeta Eta Chapter
  • Chartered/Founded on December 05, 2010

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