Zeta Iota Psi Kappa Family

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Zeta Iota Psi Kappa Family
Psi Kappa.jpg
Family Name ΨΚ (Psi Kappa)
Founding Matriarch Beth Villanyi
Current Patriarch Dante Gleason
Founded 2012
Motto #GetPsiKed
Slogan Psych atchya!
Greeting N/A
Colors Forest Green and White
Song "All Night Longer" by Sammy Adams
Family Members 5

The ΨΚ Family, or Psi Kappa, is an original family of Zeta Iota Chapter descended from Beth Villanyi.

Family History

The ΨΚ Family, better known as Psi Kappa., was created during the Spring 2012 semester when the Charter Class Brother Beth Villanyi received her little, Emily Miller. The following semester, Emily Miller found a little in Joe Lacitignola, who went on the following semester to seize Dante Gleason as his little. After searching for the perfect addition for two semesters, Dante finally found Nick Merrill to add to the family. Each inducted ΨΚ Family member has held an Executive Board Position, making them the only family in the Zeta Iota Chapter to do so thus far.

Family Traditions

ΨΚ Family members Beth Villanyi, Emily Miller and Joe Lacitignola have only served on the Executive Board one semester each. Dante Gleason was elected Secretary in November 2013. He was the first member of the family to serve a full term on the Executive Board.

Positions Held

The ΨΚ Family has held the following positions.

Family Tree

ΨΚ Family Tree
Beth Villanyi
Charter Class (2011)
Emily Miller (RESIGNED)
Beta Class (2012)
Joe Lacitignola
Gamma Class (2012)
Dante Gleason
Delta Class (2013)
Nick Merrill
Eta Class (2014)