Zeta Iota Secretary

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Zeta Iota Secretary
Current Secretary Nicole Lemanski
First Secretary Stephanie Scalice
Term Length 2 Semesters
Term Start Date Spring Semester
Member of Executive Board

The Secretary of Zeta Iota makes sure that meetings are recorded probably. They are also responsible for keeping the attendance at chapter meetings. They also make sure to collect all the Form 110s and send them to Nationals.


The following duties are according to Zeta Iota's bylaws:

  1. Keep a record of all proceedings of the Chapter and Executive Board meetings of the Chapter and enter such minutes in a permanent record;
  2. Be responsible for the distribution of the minutes to the Executive Board before the next regularly scheduled meeting and have the minutes available for review by the Membership of the Chapter
  3. Be responsible for all correspondence pertaining to the Chapter and correspondence distribution to those designated
  4. Preserve, supply, and submit all National and Chapter Forms, documents, records, the National Constitution, Chapter Bylaws, The Ritual, other documents, and supplies
  5. Submit to the National Office the most up to date Chapter Bylaws with the Form 110 every semester or quarter
  6. Be responsible for the attendance records of the Chapter
  7. Maintain for the Chapter the approved Fraternity Roll Book requiring the signatures of all Members at the time of the Member's Induction. All Members shall be numbered sequentially in the Chapter Roll
  8. Be responsible for compiling and submitting all required Membership lists and other required affiliation documentation to the appropriate divisions of the sheltering institution to ensure continued affiliation
  9. If necessary, choose, with the approval of the Executive Board and a majority vote of the Active Members present at a regular meeting, an Assistant Secretary to aid in performing the duties of the office
  10. Preside over the meetings of the Chapter in the absence of the President and the Vice President.

Other Duties

The Secretary maintain the emergency contact information, inactivity forms, and reminding brothers who need events or on probation of upcoming events. The Secretary is also responsible for making sure the Google Drive is organized. Organization is one of the most important things for Secretaries. A good Secretary must make sure to keep records and back up those records on the Google Drive so nothing is lost.

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