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The National Constitution outlines the minimum required officers for each collegiate chapter. The required officers are President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Initiate Advisor, Historian, and Parliamentarian.


The Constitution states;

Section 1: Terms of Office

Each Chapter shall elect and install annually at least the following officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian, and Parliamentarian. The Initiate Advisor may be elected and installed on a semester or quarterly basis. Only Active Collegiate Members in good standing shall vote or hold office in Collegiate Chapters. Officers must remain Active and in good standing for the entire length of their elected term.

Section 2: Additional Officers

The Chapter may elect other officers as the Chapter deems necessary.

Alternative Positions

Many chapters have added additional Executive Board positions.

Dual Vice Presidents

Some chapters split their Vice Presidential duties between two positions, allowing each to focus on a specific area. The responsibilities may be divided several different ways, but one common way is to have one Vice President responsible for all internal chapter matters and one Vice President responsible for all external affairs.

Recruitment/Rush Advisor

Some chapters split their Rush and Initiate work among two positions. The Recruitment or Rush Advisor is often responsible for organizing all rush events and materials.

Brother At Large

The Brother At Large position often serves in an ombudsman role within the chapter. Their responsibilities might include;

  • Act as a mediator for any disputes that may arise between Brothers
  • Respect the confidence of all Brothers and maintain neutrality in all matters relating to their position
  • Shall not serve in any other elected positions during their time in office to maintain neutrality

Alumni Development

The Alumni Development executive position serves as a liaison between the undergraduate chapter and it's alumni. They are responsible for communication between the chapter and alumni and planning alumni focused events.

Community Relations

The Community Relations executive position serves as a liaison between the chapter and the university and local community. They are responsible for public relations and acquiring and maintaining relationships with sponsors for chapter events.

Philanthropy Advisor

The Philanthropy Advisor executive board position serves to connect the Chapter with activities and education about our national philanthropy. Chapters typically also have a general service chair position.


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