2010 National Convention

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The 2010 National Convention was held at the Hilton Harrisburg Hotel in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, August 5-8 2010. The event also hosted the annual Grand Chapter Conference. For a full summary of Convention details please visit the national web site 2010 Convention Details.

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Grand Chapter Conference

National Council Nominees

48th Empowered National Council, August 2010
National President
Senior Vice President
National Secretary
Vice President of Finance
Vice President of Membership Development
Vice President of Chapter Development
Vice President of Alumni Development
Vice President of Philanthropy Development

Proposed National Constitution Amendments

  • Proposed Amendment #1 passed, allowing chapters to admit prospective members who will have only one semester or two quarters of prescribed undergraduate study after their initiation semester.
  • Proposed Amendment #2 did not pass. "In good standing" shall remain in Article IV Section 5.
  • Proposed Amendment #3 passed, eliminating the requirement for National Council to unanimously approve all resigned Brother reinstatement requests.
  • Proposed Amendment #4, requiring the Grand Chapter to approve the budget, was moved to committee for review.
  • Proposed Amendment #5 passed, clarifying and updating the duties of the Vice President of Finance.
  • Proposed Amendment #6 passed, defining the term of the Regional Delegate as the academic year.
  • Proposed Amendment #7 did not pass. The charge of the Awards, Scholarship, and Emblem Committee will remain the same.
  • Proposed Amendment #8, changing the selection process and make-up of the Awards, Scholarship, and Emblem Committee, was moved to committee for review.
  • Proposed Amendment #9 passed, adding the line "regardless of the person's willingness to participate" to our hazing policy.
  • Proposed Amendment #10 passed, simplifying the chapter dissolution process.


National Convention Headquarters Tour, August 2010
  • The new regional realignment plan was introduced. This plan added six more regions to bring the total to eighteen. By adding more regions we were able to make them more compact and reducing the number of chapters per region. This will allow for stronger and more frequent interaction between chapters, allow chapters to have larger leadership roles in their region conference planning and allow more chapters to receive award recognition at our annual banquet.
  • A New Alumni Chapter was chartered. Alumni in the Middle Tennessee area have a chapter to call their own. At the last meeting of its term, the 2008-2010 National Council approved a petition to recognize the newly formed Middle Tennessee Alumni Chapter (MTAC). The chapter was founded by Katie Peachey and Matt Peachey, with Katie assuming the role of the chapter's first delegate.
  • The 2011 Alternative Break Project location was announced. On Saturday morning, Vice President of Chapter Development Kyle Williams announced that the 2011 Project would be held at the Kipp Diamond Academy in Memphis, TN. Brothers from across the country will travel to Kipp to help support the school.
  • The fraternity had a special presentation about Chapter Risk Management. Mark Mores, the fraternity's representative from James R. Favor & Company, LLC spoke to the Grand Chapter assembly about the many risks involved in Chapter operations as well as how Chapters can proactively mange those risks.

National Convention

National Convention 2010, August 2010


The 2010 National Convention feature the following events:

Awards Banquet

The following awards were presented at the Awards Banquet:

Purple & Gold Awards

Chapter Charters

National Awards

Top in Region Awards

2010 Awards Banquet, August 2010

Todd Tripod Scholarship

Torchia Outstanding Chapter Award(s)