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Beta Delta Chapter (Founded 1 November 1992) is located at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina. The Chapter was founded by Heather Lake and is a member of the Mid Atlantic Region.

The Beta Delta Chapter at their 2012 Adopt-A-Highway

Chapter History

Beta Delta was founded November 1, 1992.

The Active Chapter

Beta Delta has over 50 members and participates in philanthropy with Teach For America.

The Chapter participate in many activities:

  1. Trash clean-ups on Trailwood, the chapter's Adopt-A-Highway (a major student residential thoroughfare near campus, for over 15 years)
  2. Scholarship activities and road trips
  3. Annual Semiformal Banquet
  4. Intramural sports

Executive Board

Chapter Mascot

The Beta Delta mascot is a frog.

Chapter Chant

B-E-T-A Uh-huh D-E-L-T-A Uh-huh

In your face, here to stay Beta Delta all the way

Gotta love our Brotherhood Try to catch us if you could

We're the s#!t there's no debate Beta Delta NC State

Huh Y'all!

Chapter Creed

The tie that binds is the spirit of our brethren and the ideals for which we stand. By embracing the traits of leadership, we can succeed in creating the foundation in which others will follow.

Through the ideals of scholarship, we will preserve the acute sense of thought and mature with the accumulation of knowledge.

By mastering the principles of fellowship, we can embrace our Brothers' faith and instill the bond of trust, ever strengthening our Brotherhood.

We will challenge others along our journey through Initiation and education. Only united can we surmount all barriers and achieve all goals. Our Brotherhood is strong, in death we do not part. You are me and I am you, together we are Phi Sigma Pi.

Past Chapter Presidents

Initiate Classes

Main Article: List of Beta Delta Chapter Initiate Classes

Chapter Events & Activities

Founder's Weekend

Beta Delta celebrates the Chapter's founding each November 1st. The Chapter holds a large-scale Founder's Weekend open to other chapters each year between mid-October and mid-November. In 1997, chapter leadership of Beta Delta and Alpha Rho agreed to combine Founder's Weekend celebrations due to proximity of the chapters in regards to both location and founding dates. The event was a success and became a standing tradition, with the location alternating each year between Blacksburg, VA and Raleigh, NC.

In 2000, the chapters began awarding an annual Spirit Award to a Brother that demonstrates the highest level of spirit and embodiment of the tripod. Each Chapter selects it recipient by vote of Active Members with the winner being announced at the formal banquet held Saturday night of Founder's Weekend.

Notable Alumni

Founding Member
National Vice President (1998-2000)
Vice President of Chapter Development (1996-1998)
National Vice President (2002-2004)

Chapter Honors and Awards

National Awards

University Awards

  • None to date

Other Awards

  • None to date

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