Charles Pindle

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Charles Pindle
Name Charles Pindle
Chapter Gamma Xi
Drexel University
Date Inducted Fall 2003
Roll Number ΓΞ 176
Alumni Chapter/Assoc
Honorary Member
Major Mechanical Engineering
Birthdate October 25, 1978
Spouse N/A
Nicknames Charlie (major), Pinman, Chuck, Charlie Brown, National Player

Charlie Pindle (born 25 October 1978) is an Alumnus of Gamma Xi Chapter (ΓΞ 176) at Drexel University. He is a former Vice President of Alumni Development.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Charlie Pindle entered Delaware County Community College in 1999 seeking an Associate Degree in Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD). After a year of studying for an Associate Degree in CADD, Charlie decided to do double majors. He decided to study for an Associate Degree in Architecture Technology along with the CADD major at the same time. In the summer of 2001, Charlie worked as a co-op at All-Fill, Inc at Exton, PA as a Mechanical Designer. The company was impressed with Charlie’s work, abilities, and team work. After the co-op, they asked him if he wanted to stay to work with the company full time. He decided to accept the full time position and continued as a part time student at Delaware County Community College. Charlie received an academic achievement award of 2002 in Architecture Technology. Charlie kept working at the company and kept taking classes at Delaware County Community College. He graduated with two associate degrees in May 2002 with high honors with a final GPA of 3.69. After graduation from Delaware County Community College, he enrolled as a part time student in Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA in the Fall 2002 majoring Mechanical Engineering. A year after he transferred, Charlie received a letter from the Gamma Xi Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity asking if he wanted to join the National Honor Fraternity. Charlie decided to attend the Gamma Xi Chapter’s meet nights and rush nights. He was happy with the Gamma Xi Chapter. Charlie became an initiate along with two other initiates, Ashley Jackson and Mimi Davis in the Nu Class. The Nu class was not a big group but it became a strong group because Charlie, Ashley, and Mimi became close and formed a strong bond with the Gamma Xi Chapter brothers. Charlie was inducted at the end of the Fall 2003 quarter along with Ashley and Mimi.

Collegiate Years at Gamma Xi

Three months after Charlie was inducted as a brother of Phi Sigma Pi, Charlie was elected Historian for the Gamma Xi Chapter. He also became co-chair for the chapter’s fundraising committee in the Spring 2004 quarter. He made an impact with the Gamma Xi Chapter and worked with the chapter executive board. In the beginning of the Fall quarter of 2004, in addition to the Historian position, Charlie was elected for Regional Delegate and Inter-Chapter Relations Chair. He worked hard at all three positions. Charlie worked with several regional delegates including Erik “Duff” Walschburger in the East Regional to plan a Scholarship and Service event in Philadelphia (SSIP). It was very successful and the brothers and alumni who attended the event had a good time. Jonah Goodman, the Vice President of Alumni Development, was among the brothers and alumni who attended the SSIP event. He encouraged Charlie to join the National Alumni Development Committee, so he did. Charlie was elected to serve as Historian for the second year. Charlie kept working on all four positions at the same time, the Historian, Regional Delegate, and Interchapter relations chair for the Gamma Xi Chapter and the Alumni Development Committee for the Phi Sigma Pi Nationals. By the near end of 2005, Charlie stopped working as the Regional Delegate and the Interchapter relations chair position because he felt that he wanted to give the Gamma Xi Chapter brothers the opportunity to work on the positions. Charlie was elected to the Parliamentarian position. Later, in the Spring Quarter 2006, the Gamma Xi Chapter chose Charlie for the Grand Chapter delegate to the 2006 Grand Chapter conference at Kansas City, Missouri. It was the second Grand Chapter that Charlie attended. Charlie was re-elected to the Parliamentarian position. Charlie was also elected to the Historian position. He served both Parlimentarian and Historian position at the same time until his term with both position ended in the 2008 Winter Term. Charlie was the 2007 candiate for the Vice President of Alumni Development postion. He was with the National Development Committee for a year since before he was elected to become the 2008-2010 Vice President of Alumni Development

National Involvement to present

Charlie went to the 2008 National Convention in Nashville, TN and was elected to the Vice President of Alumni Development position for 2008-2010. During his time with his National Council position, he and several Alumni members helped to assist with the colony proccess and the birth of the new Epsilon Tau Chapter at Villanova University. By the middle of December 2009, Charlie graduated from Drexel University with a Bachelor Degree of Mechanical Engineering. Two months after his graduation, he was elected to serve as an Alumni Advisor along with other two Alumni Advisors, Gabe Lee and Chris Costantino for the Gamma Xi Chapter. After his time with his Vice President of Alumni Development position, he served his time as the Alumni Advisor for the Gamma Xi Chapter and rejoined the National Development Committee.


National Position

National Committee

National Conventions

Grand Chapters

Positions held with the Gamma Xi Chapter

  • Chapter Historian (Spring 2004 – Winter 2006 & Spring 2007 – Winter 2008)
  • Chapter Parliamentarian (Spring 2006 – Winter 2008)
  • Chapter Inter-Chapter Relations Chair (Fall 2004 – Fall 2005)
  • Chapter Regional Delegate (Fall 2004 – Fall 2005)
  • Chapter Co-Chair Fundraising Committee (Spring 2004)
  • Chapter’s Grand Chapter Delegate (Summer 2006)
  • Chapter Alumni Relations co-chair (Winter 2006)
  • Gamma Xi Chapter Alumni Advisor (Spring 2010 – Winter 2011)


Bigs and Littles

Charlie's Big Brother is Jessica Feisel (expelled)

Charlie has 5 Little Brothers from the Gamma Xi Chapter:

Charlie has 5 Little Brothers from the Epsilon Tau Chapter:

Academic Background

  • Strath Haven High School, Class of 1998
  • Delaware County Community College, AAS in Architectural Technology, 2002
  • Delaware County Community College, AAS in Computer-Aided Drafting and Design, 2002
  • Drexel University, BS in Mechanical Engineering, 2009

Awards and Scholarships Earned

  • 2002 Academic Achievement Award in Architectural Technology from Delaware County Community College
  • 2002 Recipient of the PMMI scholarship from Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute
  • 2003 Recipient of the PMMI Scholarship from Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute
  • 2004 Recipient of the James Whiting Memorial Scholarship from Drexel University

Awards Earned in Phi Sigma Pi

  • Gamma Xi Chapter's Most Deciated Brother - 2004, 2005, and 2006
  • Gamma Xi Chapter's Most Devoted Brother - 2007
  • Gamma Xi Chapter's Most Tenured Brother - 2008
  • Beta Iota Chapter's January 2008 Alumni of the Month

Other Interesting Facts

  • Charlie has a hearing disability. He has a profound hearing loss which means he cannot hear an airplane launching in close range. He can hear some sounds with his hearing aids, talk, and read lips. Charlie has never used sign language. Sometimes, he has trouble with his speech but he is good at understanding someone face to face. Charlie uses closed captioning to help him to understand the TV and uses the TTY to help him to communicate using a telephone.
  • Charlie worked on the Gamma Xi Chapter’s executive board for 4 consecutive years. He now holds the record for the longest running executive board member in the Gamma Xi Chapter’s history. Also, Charlie was awarded by the Gamma Xi chapter the Chapter’s Most Dedicated Brother for three straight years in a row. He was also awarded as the 2007 Chapter's Most Devoted Brother and 2008 Chapter's Most Tenured Brother.
  • Charlie was an undergrad and was elected to the 2008-2010 Vice President of Alumni Development position
  • Chris Costantino is Charlie's Grand Little. He is currently serving as part of the 48th Empowered National Council as Senior Vice President.

Fun Facts

  • owns a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro
  • loves to ride the John Deere lawn mower
  • enjoys the nightlife in downtown West Chester and the Philadelphia area

Vice President of Alumni Development
Preceded By
Kadira Coley, Gamma Pi
Succeeded By
Sarah Cantwell, Beta Sigma