National Alumni Development Committee

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The National Alumni Development Committee was merged into the National Development Committee in August, 2007.

Committee Members

The NADC consists of the following members for the 2006-07 term:


Alumni Committee Night Class

Night Class is an ongoing project throughout the 2006-07 academic year. The class is set up as a telephone conference call, where interested participants are invited to call in and take part in a short conversation and presentation on a pre determined area relating to Alumni Development. There have been two classes thus far;

Upcoming classes will likely cover Alumni Advisory roles, especially a new concept of Alumni Advisory Boards for Collegiate Chapters as well as communication with Alumni; newsletters, emails, phone calls and how to get them to respond.

The intent of this project is to address how Alumni Committee chairpersons and members acquire information relating to Alumni Relations and Development.

Alumni Committee Resource Guide

The Alumni Committee Resource Guide represents the first steps towards taking paper committee and officer manuals and moving them online into this current wiki based format for shared collaborative documentation. The former Alumni Committee manual was rewritten as a best practices concept, borrowing the successful Alumni Relations and Alumni Development practices of our chapters and presenting detailed analysis for collegiate chapters to adapt if they desire to their current processes.

The intent of this overall project was to rethink the process of instructional learning and modernize our distribution of information to reduce costs as well as Staff and National Council time in updating and producing the former physical documents.