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Delta Alpha Chapter (Founded 18 October 1998) is located at Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York. The Chapter was founded by alumni Mark Huebeler (ΔΑ 2), Thomas Schaller (ΔΑ 3) and Jonah Goodman (ΔΑ 1) and is a member of the Northeast Region.

Delta Alpha Chapter, Fall 2019

Historical Overview - Founding to Present


Delta Alpha Chapter was founded in 1998 by Mark, Tom and Jonah in an effort to bring a new social outlet to an otherwise highly academic focused campus. The three met by chance as freshman living in Sol Heumann. Mark and Tom were roommates on Sol 4 the location of all efforts to start the chapter. Jonah lived on Sol 9 and difficulties with his roommate led him to spend the majority of his time on the fourth floor with Mark and Tom who he was introduced to on move in day. In 1998 the university was predominantly male with very limited interaction between colleges and almost no social outlets. The three started looking at professional fraternities as an option to bridge the multiple disciplines of the university and to allow for a co-ed environment. Similar groups were non existent on the majority male campus. After not being able to find a professional fraternity that was open to multiple professions (Mark and Tom were studying engineering while Jonah was studying graphic design) the three stumbled upon the Alpha Rho Chapter's website and decided to pursue bringing Phi Sigma Pi to RIT.

While the three were invited to look into expansion possibilities in 1997 by Phi Sigma Pi, it took nearly a year before they were able to get recognition from the university as a new student group. The three students gathered an initial group of about ten students interested in petitioning the university for recognition. The new President of the university, Albert Simone, was simultaneously working with Golden Key to bring their organization to campus and the administration actively tried to avoid any competition. Several administrative organizations made obtaining recognition extremely difficult. It was advised that the three students meet with Dr. Kit Mayberry, Associate Provost in the Spring of 1998. Upon hearing their request for recognition and difficulties obtaining it through various routes she offered to immediately recognize the group under her office.

In the Fall of 1998, the three students worked with Betsy Jaquith, then Director of Expansion to set up mailings, information nights and colony events. On October 18, 1998, the charter class of the Delta Alpha chapter of Phi Sigma Pi was inducted with 38 members. A 39th member was inducted soon after.

Chapter Leadership

Past Chapter Presidents

Active Chapter

The current Delta Alpha chapter has 15 Active Brothers, led by the Executive Board.


Initiate Classes

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Family Lines

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Chapter Events & Activities

Karen's Walk

Delta Alpha Chapter visiting the University of Rochester Cardiac Center.

Karen's Walk is a 5K Run/Walk that sponsors heart failure research in memory of Karen Decker. Delta Alpha established the Karen Decker Cardiomyopathy Fund at the University of Rochester Medical Center after a friend of the fraternity passed away from postpartum cardiomyopathy, a form of heart failure. The walk was started in 2003 and to date has raised over $25,000.

"The Karen Decker Cardiomyopathy Fund supports research which furthers the understanding and treatment of cardiomyopathy and other forms of heart failure. Scientists at the University of Rochester Cardiovascular Research Institute draw from the fund to support their projects, and progress is made every day." (

The chapter works with John Bisognano, M.D., Ph.D., Associate Professor of Medicine and Director of Cardiac Rehabilitation and Clinical Preventive Cardiology and Burns Blaxall, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Medicine and of Pharmacology & Physiology, Cardiovascular Research Institute. They have also hosted chapter members participating in internships in their labs.

Brick City 5K

Brick City 5K is a part of the annual RIT Brick City/Homecoming Festival. Starting in 2006, the Delta Alpha chapter joined hands with the RIT Running Club to host this annual event in association with RIT's Brick City Committee. The sponsors of this event include RIT Center for Residence Life and the RIT Track & Field Team. It is a free for all event that provides a scenic run through the heart of the RIT campus. The 5K run usually sees participation in the hundreds.

Notable Alumni

Chapter Honors and Awards

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National Awards

Chapter Service Key

Other Awards & Recognitions

  • 1999 Make a Difference Day - Certificate of Appreciation
  • 2004 Frontier Field - Service Group Appreciation Award
  • 2004 Red Cross - For outstanding support and dedication to the success of blood drives at Rochester Institute of Technology.
  • 2004 Red Cross - For contributing to the success of the “April College Challenge by outperforming SUNY Brockport by 10%.
  • 2007 University of Rochester Medical Center - Plaque of Appreciation for support of Karen Decker Cardiomyopathy Research Fund through Karen’s Walk/5K Run

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