Thomas Schaller

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Thomas Schaller
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Name Thomas Schaller
Chapter Delta Alpha
Rochester Institute of Technology
Date Inducted October 18, 1998
Roll Number ΔΑ 3
Alumni Chapter/Assoc Capital
Honorary Member
Major Information Technology
Birthdate October 22, 1979
Nicknames Tom

Thomas Schaller (born 22 October 1979) is an Alumni Member of Delta Alpha Chapter (ΔΑ 3) at Rochester Institute of Technology.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Tom's freshman year roommate was Mark Huebeler and they both were mutual friends with Jonah Goodman. The three founded the Delta Alpha Chapter in the fall of their sophomore year.

Tom is currently working as a programmer in Manassas, VA.

Collegiate Years at Delta Alpha Chapter (1998-2001)

  • Alumni Committee Chair

National Involvement

Other Interesting Facts

  • Tom was a groomsman in Mark Huebeler's wedding in 2001.
  • Tom is planning to visit all current Major League Baseball stadium over the next several years.