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15th Founders Day

Capital Chapter (Founded 17 November 1995) is located in Washington, DC. The Chapter was founded by Jeff Carter (AO), Laurie Felton (AO), Jeff Lawton (AO), and Kim Salmon (AX).

Chapter History


  • The first executive council consisted of Jeff Lawton, Jeff Carter, Kim Smith, and Laurie Howard.
  • The Capital Chapter was officially recognized at the 1996 National Convention in Norfolk.
  • The Charter was presented at 1997 National Convention in Cincinnati. The Charter called the Chapter the "Washington DC Alumni Chapter" despite the fact that the Chapter's incorporation was as the "Capital Chapter." The group continues to brand itself exclusively as the Capital Chapter. At the 2005 Grand Chapter the chapter began to be referred to as "Capital Chapter" at the national level.

The Active Chapter

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Past Chapter Presidents

Chapter Roll Book

Main article: List of Capital Chapter Members

Chapter Events & Activities

Founder's Weekend

Capital celebrates the Chapter's founding on November 17.

New Year's Eve Eve 2008.

New Years Eve Eve

The Chapter holds an ICR social event every year on the evening before New Years Eve. The event location rotates each year allowing attendees to visit a different neighborhood and the ever changing restaurants and bars. The event typically is the largest Capital event and draws around 50+ Brothers and guests.

Ethnic Dinners

As a way to continue to foster the ideals of scholarship, the Chapter holds ethnic dinner nights at various non-western restaurants throughout the region. The Chapter learns about cultural and culinary aspects of countries and regions through eating together at restaurants that may typically be outside of our familiarity.

Past meals include;

  • Vietnamese at Pho 14
  • Ghanaian at Ghana Cafe
  • Middle Eastern at Mama Ayehshas
  • Scandinavian at Domku

Former Events

Meet Me in DC

Meet Me in DC was the chapter's main ICR event, from 1997 to 2008. The event consisted of several events representing the tripod spread across a weekend. The event was a chance for Brothers to visit Washington, DC and participate in an ICR event. For many years this was one of the most prominent Alumni run inter-chapter relations events.

Notable Alumni

Chapter Honors and Awards

Chapter Service Key Recipients:

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