Appalachian Region Alumni Chapter

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Appalachian Region Alumni Chapter (ARAC) (Founded 3 June 1995) was located in the Southwestern Virginia and West Virginia corridor. The Chapter went inactive in 1999.

Chapter History

The Appalachian Region Alumni Chapter (ARAC) was founded primarily by alumni of the Alpha Rho and Alpha Sigma Chapters of Phi Sigma Pi. The chapter members planned and participated actively in events throughout its three active years, including the informal joint Alumni Summit with members of the Capital Chapter and future Delaware Valley Alumni Chapter that sparked a shift to more active national alumni involvement.

In 1998, ARAC transitioned to become the Appalachian Region Alumni Association, and finally closed entirely in 1999. Many of the chapter's members continue their activity nationally or through other Phi Sigma Pi alumni chapters or associations. Despit the effort, the chapter's eventual fate represents an example of the high challenges facing alumni chapters with geographically dispersed members.

Past Chapter Presidents