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Baltimore Metro Area Alumni Chapter (Founded 23 March 2015) is located in Baltimore, MD. The Chapter was founded by Matthew Newmeyer.


BMAAC first began when the Matthew Newmeyer moved to Baltimore to pursue graduate studies in Baltimore. Soon after arriving, he discovered a hole in his heart, that could only be filled with Brotherly love. Upon deciding that Capital Alumni Chapter was an indecent hike away, he vowed to begin his own Alumni Chapter. Matt reached out to the local Gamma Pi Chapter for assistance in recruiting and to help find meeting space. Due to the diligence of Mike Noll, Antonia Bongiovi, and Michele Chen (the former two are unfortunately not considered founders as they were still undergraduate members, but lets be real they sat in a lot of meetings and shadily found rooms for the Alumni to meet in so they should be), the Baltimore Metro Area Alumni Association had it's very first meeting in the Administration Building at Towson University. After six months of meetings, name changes, and recruitment, the Baltimore Metro Area Alumni Association became a Chapter. The following Brothers made up the founding class of BMAAC.

The Active Chapter

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On March 17th, 2018, BMAAC inducted its first honorary Brother, Kyair Butts.

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