Columbus Area Alumni Association

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Columbus Area Alumni Association (Founded February 24th 2009). CAAA went inactive in August 2016.

Association History

The Columbus Area Alumni Association(CAAA) was started after a few Alumni in Columbus got together and realized that the PSP Alumni base in the Midwest was growing substantially and yet they still did not have an Association or Chapter in the area. So after acquiring names of Alumni in the area, they decided to start out with central Ohio and petitioned National Council for an Association to be started in the Columbus area. With some paper work here and there the CAAA became official on February 24th 2009.


Past Officers

Current Active Members


Further Resources

  • E-mail:
  • Facebook Group: PSP-CAAA

Why the CAAA?

The Columbus Area Alumni Association is meant to strengthen the ties between all alumni especially in the Ohio region/area, our National Fraternity and undergraduate Brothers!

You have lived the Phi Sigma Pi collegiate experience. You have enjoyed and benefited from your participation in the activities of your undergraduate chapter. Now you have graduated and are either pursuing an advanced degree or are beginning your career. In either case, it is critical that you remember that Phi Sigma Pi does not stop at graduation. As you enter a new phase of your professional life, it's only natural that your involvement with Phi Sigma Pi will enter a new phase as well. However, we believe there are still many ways to continue to engage and affect the fraternity you treasured in college.

  • Donate your time – continue to participate in events and volunteer where needed
  • Donate your skills – share your knowledge and talents for the betterment of the fraternity
  • Donate your resources – make financial contributions to strengthen our Brotherhood

We believe that the best way to honor your commitment that Brotherhood is for life is to embrace the three ideals listed above. Phi Sigma Pi recognizes that the time between the last year in college and the first few years as a graduate is a time of shifting focus and changing needs. The fraternity is committed to supporting our new and old alumni as they continue their education in graduate school or transition to the professional world. During this time of transition staying involved in Phi Sigma Pi can serve as a source of stability and continuity in the changing lives of our alumni.