Michele Chen

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Michele Chen
Name Michele Chen
Chapter Gamma Pi
Towson University
Date Inducted Fall 2013 (December 8th, 2013)
Roll Number ΓΠ387
Alumni Chapter/Assoc Baltimore Metro Area Alumni Chapter
Honorary Member
Major International Studies
Birthdate 12.28.1993
Nicknames Team USA

Michele Chen is currently an active Member of the Delaware Valley Alumni Chapter in Philadelphia. She is an alumna of the Gamma Pi Chapter at Towson University.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Michele is a graduate from the class of 2012 at Lenape High School located in Medford, NJ. She applied to Towson University as her dream school and was accepted, starting college in 2012. After hearing about Phi Sigma Pi from her friends, Michele quickly became interested and rushed Phi Sigma Pi. She was inducted as a Brother of the Gamma Pi Chapter in Fall 2013, her first semester of sophomore year. Michele is a member of the Freedom Family.

In the Fall semester of her junior year, as the Alumni Chair, she assisted her Chapter President at the time and the local Alumni with founding BMAAC. She also brought the Homecoming Tailgate back to the Chapter that fall, with the successful attendance of many Alumni.

2014 Alumni Tailgate

During her time as an undergraduate, Michele worked extensively on the wiki page for Gamma Pi. She brought everything back up to date and reformatted many of the entries to look neater and clearer. She taught many of her Brothers how to use and edit the wiki.

Throughout her term as Historian, Michele actively engaged the Brotherhood with interactive quizzes every other week. After learning that the Chapter used to visit the National Office, located in Lancaster, Michele re-started these trips for her Chapter and worked with the National Staff for a visit in the Fall and in the Spring. For the trip in the Fall, she and the Brothers that visited got to participate in an LiA module with the National Staff. Michele also brought back everything Gamma Pi had stored in the National Headquarters as a way to showcase the history of Gamma Pi for the Brothers who were unable to go on the trip. With these pieces of Gamma Pi's history, Michele co-hosted a larger Founder's Day celebration in the Spring as a way of celebrating Gamma Pi as well as the Centennial of Phi Sigma Pi.

During Spring 2015, Michele studied abroad in Germany. Besides that semester, Michele has stayed an active Brother for the entirety of her collegiate career. She has held a total of 4 positions during her time as an active Collegiate Member of the Gamma Pi Chapter. Her favorite position was Alumni Chair. Holding this position showed her that Phi Sigma Pi did not have to end with graduation.

Michele graduated in Spring of 2016 with a BA in International Studies and a minor in Geography.

Collegiate Years at Gamma Pi Chapter

Fall 2014

  • Recruitment Advisor Co-Chair with Janelle Hartman - E-Board
  • Alumni Chair - E-Council

Fall 2015

  • Historian - E-Board

Spring 2016

  • Historian - E-Board
  • Scholarship Co-Chair with Kimberly Vogt - E-Council

Alumni Years to Present

Michele was a member of the Baltimore Metro Area Alumni Chapter from 2016 to 2017.

She is currently a member of the Delaware Valley Alumni Chapter after moving back to New Jersey.

Positions held in DVAC:

  • Events Officer - 2018

Regional Conferences

National Involvement

Bigs and Littles

Big - Tracey Timlin

Adopted Big - Sarah Viviani

Michele has 3 Little Brother(s):

see: Gamma Pi Chapter Freedom Family

Further Resources

Formal Awards

These awards are given during Gamma Pi's formal.

  • Best New Big and Little - (Fall 2013)
  • Most PSPride - (Spring 2014)
  • Fellowship Award - (Spring 2014)
  • Most Active Brother - (Spring 2014)
  • Most Dependable Brother - (Spring 2016)

Other Interesting Facts

  • Michele likes to read and edit the Phi Sigma Pi wiki for fun.
  • Michele's family line is called the No Chill Fam, named after all the chill she has. No chill.
  • Election/Slap Bet Commissioner for Baltimore Metro Area Alumni Chapter