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Michael Noll
NOLL Mike web.jpg
Name Michael Noll
Chapter Alpha Lambda
Temple University
Date Inducted April 26, 1995
Roll Number ΑΛ 224
Alumni Chapter/Assoc DVAC, CMAA
Honorary Member Gamma Pi, Towson Universty
Spouse Jennifer (Speir) Noll, Gamma Pi Chapter Alumnus
Awards Distinguished Service Key (1997), Chapter Service Key (1997, 2003), Outstanding Chapter Advisor of the Year Award (2013), Faculty Advisor Award of Excellence (2014)

Michael-Andrew Noll is an Alumni Member of Alpha Lambda Chapter (ΑΛ 224) at Temple Universityin 1995 and an Honorary Member of Gamma Pi Chapter (ΓΠ 156) at Towson University in 2002 along with the Lambda class.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Mike joined Phi Sigma Pi in spring 1995 as a member of the Omega Psi Class. Prior to joining, he felt that his only connection to Temple University was attending classes. Mike grew up in Philadelphia and lived and worked not too far from campus. He was looking for an organization that would give him “more of a college experience.”

He found just what he was looking for quickly after joining. Mike loved getting involved on campus, working in the community and of course, roadtripping to chapters near and far.

Following his very active undergraduate and early alumni brother years, Mike took a few years 'off' to focus on family and career. Though he never lost touch with National Staff and Council members and brothers from coast-to-coast, he was not very active by attending national events. He focused on Alpha Lambda and Gamma Pi alumni lunches, Founder's Day banquets or socials.

"I never stopped living the Tripod. I constantly make sure that I'm balancing Scholarship, Leadership and Fellowship in my life. It makes me a more balanced person, professionally and personally."

Collegiate Years at Alpha Lambda Chapter

  • Member, National Triad Committee* (12/96-11/98)
  • Chapter President (1996-1997)
  • Finance Chair (1995-1996)
  • Treasurer (1995-1996)

* - Previous name for the Chapter Development Committee

Alumni Years to Present

  • 07/15-Present - Foundation Board Member
  • 03/10-Present - Leadership in Action Ambassador
  • 06/09-Present - Member, Phi Sigma Pi Foundation
  • 05/05-Present - Supporter of The Suprosa Fund
  • 09/09-12/15 - Chapter Advisor, Gamma Pi Chapter (Towson University)
  • 04/14-07/14 - 100 Year Anniversary Group
  • 09/05/14 - Faculty Advisor Award of Excellence, Professional Fraternity Association (2013 - 2014)
  • 08/03/13 - Outstanding Chapter Advisor of the Year Award (2012 - 2013)
  • 11/04-05/05 - Member, Alumni Cabinet (name changed to the Ad-hoc Alumni Structure Committee)
  • 09/02-07/04 - Member, Fund Development Committee
  • 09/02-07/04 - Member, National Alumni Development Committee
  • 01/04-04/04 - Member, Inaugural Alumni Cabinet (NAA)
  • 11/03-04/04 - Chapter Advisor, Gamma Pi Chapter - Towson University
  • 01/03-04/04 - Executive Officer, Central Maryland Alumni Association
  • 08/02-10/03 - Volunteer Consultant, Alpha Beta Chapter - University of MD
  • 08/02-10/03 - Alumni Advisor, Alpha Lambda Chapter - Temple University
  • 01/02-12/02 - Communications Officer, Central Maryland Alumni Association
  • 12/06/02 - Inducted as an Honorary Brother of Gamma Pi Chapter with the Lambda (Lambs) Class
  • 11/98-07/02 - National Council
  • 12/97-11/98 - Delaware Valley Alumni Chapter
  • 12/97-11/98 - Alumni Advisor, Alpha Lambda - Temple University
  • ??? -11/98- Alumni Advisor, Gamma Xi - Drexel University
  • 08/97-11/98 - Member, National Advisory Board

National Involvement


    • Developed new and existing programs and manuals to aid in development of chapters (Examples: Buddy Chapter Program and manual, Chapter Advisor Project and manual and Regional Conference Manual)
    • Conducted national history lessons annually (examples: Quizzo and Twister)
    • Developed plan to create organization’s FIRST Annual Report
    • Developed FIRST National Philanthropy - Youth of America
    • Designed, planned, and aided in the implementation of the Regional Chapter and Conference structure and staff service delivery
    • Managed committee with members nationwide that aided in the above accomplishments
    • Conducted seminars, led keynote speeches, and consulted with chapters at national conventions and at universities around the country

Duties as outlined in The National Constitution, Article VII, Section 6 (July 26, 1998)

    • Ensure organization and installation of new Collegiate Chapters;
    • Promote a professional fraternity image through National public relations efforts;
    • Oversee the collection and preservation of all information pertaining to the growth and expansion of Phi Sigma Pi, taking such steps as are necessary to ensure that this material is properly interpreted and disseminated;
    • Be the chairperson of the Triad (Chapter Development) Committee (Article XII, Section 9);
    • Create and oversee the plan for educating Chapter officers;
    • Promote communication between Chapters.

Mike attended the following National Conventions:

  • Norfolk, VA, 1995
  • Cincinnati, OH, 1996
  • Chattanooga, TN, 1997
  • Parsippany, NJ, 1998
  • Columbus, OH, 1999
  • Atlanta, GA, 2000
  • St. Louis, MO, 2001
  • Pittsburgh, PA, 2002
  • Philadelphia, PA, 2013

Mike attended the following Grand Chapter Conferences:

  • Lancaster, PA 1995
  • 1996
  • 1997
  • 1998
  • Blacksburg, VA 1999
  • Annville, PA 2000
  • Columbus, OH, 2001
  • Knoxville, TN 2002
  • Bryn Mawr, PA 2003

Bigs and Littles

Mike's Big Brother is Ken Brown.

Mike has 4 Little Brothers:

Further Resources

Other Interesting Facts

Mike's twin sister Maggie Noll is also an Alpha Lambda Alumni Brother.

Fraternity family colors are blue and gray. For example: sweatshirt - dark blue with gray letters.

Vice President of Chapter Development
Preceded By
Michael N. Surasky, Beta Delta
Succeeded By
Dena Kniess, Mu