Frank Garvey

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Frank Garvey
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Frank Smiles A Lot
Name Frank Garvey
Chapter Zeta Delta
George Mason University
Date Inducted May 2nd, 2010
Roll Number ZΔ 19
Alumni Chapter/Assoc
Honorary Member
Major History
Birthdate October 13, 1990

Frank Garvey (born 13 October 1990) is an Alumni Member of the Zeta Delta Chapter (Charter Class) at George Mason University.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

Frank Garvey attended Cedar Cliff High School in Camp Hill, PA. After graduating, he enrolled in George Mason University for a degree in History and Political Philosophy. After receiving an e-mail inviting him join the George Mason University Colony of Phi Sigma Pi, Frank decided to join, originally believing that it was an honor society and not a fraternity. Frank was initiated on February 23rd, 2010. Originally chair of the Service Committee, Frank eventually became Parliamentarian when the George Mason Colony became the Zeta Delta Chapter on May 2nd, 2010.

In May, 2011, Frank became the 3rd Vice President of the Zeta Delta Chapter.

Collegiate Years at the Zeta Delta Chapter

Frank was the Parliamentarian of the Zeta Delta Chapter for the 2010-2011 Year, when he wrote the current governing documents of the Chapter. In 2011-2012, Frank was elected Vice-President of the Zeta Delta Chapter. Frank was appointed to be Zeta Delta's Delegate to the <<2012 Grand Chapter Conference>> For 2012-2013, Frank served as Zeta Delta's ICR Chair.

National Involvement

Frank attended the 2010 National Convention in Harrisburg, PA serving as the Chapter's Alternate, the 2011 Capital Region Conference at the Alpha Beta Chapter at the University of Maryland, College Park and the the 2012 Capital Region Conference at the Gamma Pi Chapter at Towson University.

In November 2011, Frank was appointed to the Constitution and Chapter Standards Committee In Summer 2012, Frank served as Zeta Delta's Delegate to the 2012 Grand Chapter Conference Frank also served on the Sanctions Appeal Board for the 2012-2014 Term. For 2013-2014, Frank is serving as a Chapter Consultant. He is the Consultant for the Upper Mid-West, Great Lakes, Buckeye, Dominion, Capital and part of the Bluegrass Regions.

Bigs and Littles

Frank is The Founder (The Skeleton Key) of The Key Family.

Frank has 3 Littles: Elizabeth "Gabz" Smith (Alpha Class) Richard Siemieniak (Gamma Class) Eric Weber (Gamma Class)

Other Interesting Facts

  • Originally a Chicago native, Frank is a die-hard fan of the White Sox, as all true Chicagoans are.
  • Frank is rarely seen without his iPod attached to him somehow, listening to obscure hipster indie-rock that you probably haven't heard of.
  • Frank worked at the George Mason University English Department, where he enjoyed making buttons.
  • Frank was an RA,and has some great stories to tell you about it.