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Capitol Region Conference, Spring 2012


The 2010 region realignment created a smaller Capital Region that was based on the Washington, DC metropolitan area.



2016 Region Conference

2015 Region Conference

2014 Region Conference

2013 Region Conference

  • Host: Zeta Delta
  • Theme: Inaugural Weekend
  • Alumni Guest Speaker: Jonah Goodman
  • Roundtable Discussions
  • Service Event: Food Drive
  • Scholarship Event: Viewing of Thirteen Days
  • Catered Banquet at the Sherwood Community Center

2012 Region Conference

2011 Region Conference

  • Host: Alpha Beta
  • Theme: Harry Potter
  • Alumni Guest Speaker: Phillip Vaughn
  • Roundtable Discussions
  • Service Event: Dating Auction
  • Scholarship Event: Triwizard Tournament
  • Catered Banquet at the Alpha Beta Campus.

2010 Region Conference

  • Host: Alpha Sigma
  • Theme: Pirates
  • Alumni Guest Speaker: Kyle Williams and Jessica Washington
  • Roundtable Discussions
  • Service Event: Care packages for schools
  • Scholarship Event: Scavenger Hunt
  • Catered Banquet at the VCU campus
  • Breakfast provided by Alpha Sigma Chapter

2009 Region Conference

  • Host: Beta Rho
  • Theme: One World, One Dream, One Brotherhood
  • Best Practice Discussion: Each Chapter discussed their strengths with one another.
  • Service Event: Alphabet Book Making
  • Scholarship Event: Greek mythology Jeopardy

2008 Region Conference

  • Host: Gamma Psi
  • Best Practice Discussion: Each Chapter that participated in the 2008 Regional Conference had an opportunity to explain the strengths of their chapters.
  • Children's Hospital card making service activity


Conference Locations

Capitol Region Conference, Spring 2010

Current Regional Delegates