Gene Seevers

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Gene Seevers
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Name Gene Seevers
Chapter Alpha
University of Central Missouri
Date Inducted 1950(?)
Roll Number 594
Alumni Chapter/Assoc Capital
Honorary Member
Major History
Birthdate October 24
Spouse Elinor Brawner Seevers
Awards Distinguished Service Key

National Convention 2003 (l to r); Chuck Meole (Σ), Louise Hendrickson (ΒΕ), Adrienne Steichen (ΓΤ), Gene Seevers.

Gene Seevers (born October 24, 1926) is an Alumni Member of Alpha Chapter (Chapter roll #594) at University of Central Missouri.

Early Fraternity Life and Career

While a student at Central Missouri State Gene had several notable members of Alpha chapter who where then professors including Rolla Wood and Perry G. McCandless.

Army Awards and Decorations

  • Soldier's Medal
  • Army Good Conduct Medal
  • Army of Occupation Medal
  • European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal
  • World War II Victory Medal
  • American Campaign Medal

Collegiate Years at Alpha Chapter

Gene went to college on the GI Bill. He graduated in 1951 with a degree in History. He was only an Active Collegiate Member of Alpha for one semester.

Alumni Years to Present

Gene taught for several years after graduation. He went back to school for his Masters and was offered a job as a principal. Before finishing his Masters he went to Texas work for the American Red Cross doing disaster relief work. He worked worked for the Red Cross for around thirty years doing social work and later computer programming. There he met his wife Elinor.

Reactivation of Alpha Chapter

In the 1990's the National Office started looking into reactivating Alpha Chapter. The office reached out to all known Alpha Alumni. Gene was very receptive to to reactivation. Along with fellow alumnus Forrest Hickman the two men drove to Lancaster and met with Christine Blank and Betsy Jacquith to discuss the process. Following the visit Gene wrote to twenty five known Alpha alumni. Nineteen alumni wrote back and two called, expressing support for the reactivation.

While an undergrad Gene dated a woman working on the university staff, Dolores Philman [spelling unclear]. When Gene started communicating with the university about Alpha's reactivation he ran into roadblocks until he finally made contact with Dolores who was serving as assistant to the university president. Ms. Philman played an equally critical role in Alpha's reaction by arranging necessary meetings with Gene and other Alpha alumni and the university's administration.

National Involvement

2003 National Convention
2005 Grand Chapter Conference
2006 Grand Chapter Conference
Phi Sigma Pi Heritage Society Member

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Other Interesting Facts

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  • Gene was recognized for his efforts to reactive Alpha Chapter with a Distinguished Service Key in 2000. This was awarded to him at Alpha's reactivation ceremony.
  • On December 1957 that Gene Seevers first met Elinor while she was working as a receptionist for the American Red Cross. Elinor and Gene were married on October 18, 1958.
  • Gene is an active pewter collector and served as President of the Pewter Collectors Club of America.
  • Gene established the Fannie Faulkner Seevers Memorial Scholarship at University of Central Missouri in honor of his mother. [1]