National Convention

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National Convention is an annual event with fellowship activities, regional meetings for collegiate chapters, educational discussion groups and the annual awards banquet.


Prior to 1993 the Grand Chapter Conference and the National Convention were held at the same time, typically in the fall. It was a biennial event until 1966 and then an annual event from 1967 through 1992. From 1993 through 1998 there was a summer Grand Chapter Conference and a fall National Convention held on the odd years and a fall National Convention/Grand Chapter Conference combination held on the even years. From 1999 through 2006 both a summer Grand Chapter Conference and a fall National Convention were held annually. Beginning in 2007, the National Convention was held during the summer and it included the Grand Chapter Conference. National Convention locations by year:

Leadership Institute

The Leadership Institute consists of round table and panel discussions covering a variety of topics typically inclusive of officer discussion groups, relevant life skill (i.e. job interviewing and resume writing skills) seminars as well as larger national issue related discussion groups.

Awards Banquet

Saturday evening typically is dedicated to the annual awards banquet honoring the outstanding work of chapters and individual accomplishments of brothers.